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I was fucked by a Black Woman...and liked it (true

Post #1

I was fucked by a Black Woman...and liked it (trueI was ****d by a Black woman?and liked it (true story)Ch. 1 ?Seduced?Okay, so there?s this library by my house that I have to walk to, to use internet and emails and stuff. I go there pretty much every day.And actually I used to always fantasize, that I?d meet some horny MILF or horny single lady, along the way, who just stays in her apartment all day and wants a lover to help her get off.This never happened so I kinda just gave up on it and lost interest ? stopped trying to appear to be a sexy, single man out to ?womanize? lonely women.Then a couple weeks ago, it caught me off-guard, but I guess fortune was just smiling on me that day ...and maybe because I stopped trying so hard to attain casual sex ? that it finally came to me.There?s this Motel along the route that i take to walk through the city to the Library, adjacent to the sidewalk that I usually walk on towards the Library.This black lady, dressed down, as though she?d stripped down to just an undershirt and panties and had been laying in her Motel room for half the day, sweating and rubbing her pussy and watching Porn ? she pokes her head out the door of Room 2b and calls ?Yoo hoo!? and waves me over.?omfg?? my heart was pounding a bit, but I thought ?fuck it. Just relax. She probably just wants me to lift her TV and move it to a better spot of something.?So I go over and she pulls me by the shirt inside the room and slams the door!?Holy Shit!?, I?m thinking... ?what the fuck is she gonna do???And she says ??Look?I know, I don?t know you?.and this is probably really awkward for you?and you can say NO?I wont be offended??I said ??.what? what do you want???She goes? ?can i??.....can I **** you?? and she had this seductive, Lioness look in her eyes as she was chewing on the bottom left corner of her lower lip.It took me a little while, but I finally stammered out ???ummmmmm?.yeah??.i mean??.sure?..i guess so.?Ch. 2 ?the Roofy??Trina? and I both took a shower together, then had a glass of cheap wine together out in the main room of her Suite.She?d slipped me a ?Roofy? into my plastic wine glass, and when I was roused awake, it must?ve been about 2 hours later ? I felt a sensation tingling through my penis and I looked down ? I was sprawled out on her bed ? my both arms back behind my head, handcuffed to either bedpost ?and there she was, nibbling, slurping and licking my balls and my semi-erect cock.I finally got a better look at Trina ? her rich, dark, smooth black skin, like a deep shade of mahogany-wood, made her beam with the radiance of an Afrikaan Zulu Princess ?Her large, pert, double-D sized breasts, with the added bonus of having hard, thick, inch-long black nipples swayed underneath her torso.And the best part?her voluptuous, thick, figure, wide hips and a little extra baggage in her mid-section due to her 40plus age-range, made her seem to me, for all the world, like she could?ve easily dragged me in and overpowered me and ****d all sense out of me, if she?d really wanted to, without having had to ask.So, the roofy wearing off, now I was rousing as she played with my balls, sucked my cock-tip and lasciviously rubbed up and down my thighs with her hands, occasionally sliding around underneath to massage and squeeze my butt-cheeks.I smiled down at her and she peered up into my eyes with her full, dark lips wrapped around my purple, bulbous cock-head, and she managed to moan in pleasure??mmmmmm?mmmmm?.mmmmmm?Then she licked her lips around in two full circles of her mouth with her tongue and smacked her lips with pleasure- as if she thoroughly enjoyed what she was feasting on.I could see on her face just above her lips a small gob of cum, glistening and smeared down around her cheek?and then she said ?I already got a mouthful out of you while you were out, loverboy. Now we?re on to round two.?Ch. 3 ?mutual Orgasm?For the next 20 minutes or so, we did a 69 ? I buried my face into her pussy and her butt, as she deep-throated my cock, trying to slurp up as much cum out of my shaft as she possibly could.18 minutes into the 69-ing she started panting heavily and convulsing?I could feel her freeze up a bit and start tensing ?then she?d go back to dick-sucking with an intense ferocity ?then after a couple more minutes she couldn?t hold it any more??with her hips shaking in an uncontrollable large fit of spasms, she cried out ..? OH! OH! OHH! AAAH!!! AAAAHHHHH!!?This was so unbelievably hot to me, having her big dark pussy in my face and quivering and oozing out wet, moist, gooey, pussy-juice into my mouth?and I couldn?t hold it in any longer either! With Trina still clasping my rod ?as she was cumming-- my own hips started shaking and I had a huge orgasm ?my cum oozing up in spurts out of my cock, right into her mouth ?she kept on furiously stroking my dick as the cum flowed right onto her tongue and down her throat, filling her mouth with white-hot gooey stuff.Our mutual orgasm went on for 40-50 seconds, and by the time we both slowed down and stopped shaking and cumming in each others? mouth ?we were laying there, still in 69 position. For the next 4-to-5 minutes we remained?Each of us experienced occasional tremors and after-Orgasm Spasms ?she was still licking and sucking my sticky head ?and I was still probing her pussy with my tongue and nibbling her wet labia.Ch. 4 - like young LoversSo after laying in ecstasy from our massive, 69-style mutual orgasm for about 6-7 minutes, post-coital?.Trina came up and unlocked my handcuffs and said ?you were AMAZING, loverboy.?We both couldn?t bear to see this encounter end?.so, wrapped in each others? arms?our warm, sweaty bodies embracing and intertwined, we stayed on the bed making-out for another 20 minutes like young lovers.I finally, reluctantly, got up and said ? I gotta go. Sorry.?Trina said ?don?t be sorry baby?you were the best I ever had.? She kissed her hand and blew me the kiss.I grabbed it out of the air and smacked my lips to my own hand.Then I turned out, and walked back home.?a helluvalot better than the Library?..I thought.The markfayer
04-06-2021, at 11:39 PM

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