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Camping with The Fabulous Fem Boys Club!

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Camping with The Fabulous Fem Boys Club!My little br-other and si-sters love to play "Dress Up". I used to think it was all one big joke until I came home from school last Tuesday and found Stevie strutting around the house wearing one of Mom's wigs,a pair of Cindy's 'Dora the Explora' panties,Lucy's pink training bra,and enough badly applied makeup to make him look like a five dollar,ghetto whore!They all found it hysterical. Hell,even Mom thought it was funny.I,on the other hand,found it oddly...disturbing. "This wouldn't happen if Dad were still around." I said that night during dinner,glaring at each of them in turn,as we sat at the table. "Why are you encouraging this,Mom?""Lighten up,Honey,they're just having fun! Besides,Stevie makes such a cute little girl! Yes,You Do! Why,I bet we could dress him up and enter him in the 'Little Miss Haystack Beauty Pageant'! His only real competition would be your si-ster Lucy, Oh and Ginny. Isn't that right,Baby?""Yep! He'd do great too! Unless they found out "She" had a dick!" Lucy giggled."What's a 'Dick'?" Cindy asked."He is!" Stevie yelled and pointed at me."Nu-hu. He's a Dave!" Cindy replied.I burst out laughing but Stevie got up and ran from the room."Go apologise to your br-other,David. Now! You know how sensitive he is." Mom chastised me."Oh,He's Sensitive alright." I grumbled under my breath. But mom was right. I finally found him sitting in Lucy's Barbie Car,out in the garage."I'm Sorry,Stevie. I guess I overreacted. But Mom's right,you know. You Do make a cute girl. Maybe that's why I was so weirded out. Just take my advice,OK? You Really need to work on the makeup skills!" I said and gave him a hug."That's all Lucy's fault! The makeup,I mean. You really think I'm cute?"I bent down and looked him straight in the eyes and said "Yes. Yes I do,Stevie."That's when he wrapped his arms around my neck,pulled me to him and gave me a kiss directly on the lips."Thanks,Dave. That means a lot! I'll have Mom teach me how to do my makeup. And wait till You see me in a thong." He whispered in my ear.Letting go of my neck,he climbed out of the Barbie Car,stared at my crotch and said "Dang! You gettin' a Hard-On?" then he ran back into the house.What the Hell just happened?A few minutes later I was back,sitting at the table,staring at my plate when Mom said..."By the way,Honey. You're taking Stevie and a couple of his friends camping next Friday,for the weekend. They have to work on some Merit Badges,or some shit,for their Scout Troop. You can bring them up to your father's old fish camp. It's still in pretty good shape,at least I think it is,and it's nice and private too!" She reached out and patted my hand. "Camping's "Manly" and "Tough",isn't it?""Bat Girl's pretty tough! Maybe Cindy can loan Stevie her Bat Girl panties!" Lucy said just as Mom took a sip of beer,which promptly shot out her nose. ***Instead of a two hour hike,I loaded Stevie,his friends Jimmy and Scott, and all our gear into a trailer and towed the lot behind my four wheeler up to the fish camp. We were there in a half hour. It was a good thing too,because the place was in miserable condition and I had a shitload of work to do. Two hours later,I was taking a bath in the lake,when Jimmy came down to get me. "Dave? I think the fire went out." He said,and his eyes went straight to my semi-hard cock when I stood up."Quit staring at my dick,Jimmy. I got the same things You have. What do You mean 'The fire went out' it couldn't,I made sure of it! Jimmy! Quit staring at my dick! What do You mean?""S-Scott dropped a water bucket,and..." "Oh, For Fuck's Sake! Stevie,Scott! Get your butts down here!" I bellowed.Stevie and Scott ran down the path and ski-dded to a halt next to Jimmy."Here. Take this and be sure to use it!" I handed Jimmy the bar of soap. "You boys Stink! I don't want to see any of you back at camp till You're clean. Got it?! I'll go check on the fire." I snapped at them.I was five or six paces away when I overheard Jimmy say "I Can,too!" "Not before I do!" Stevie argued."Hay! Who wants to wash my asshole?" Scott asked. "If you soap 'em up real good,I bet you can get three fingers in it! Think that will be big enough?"Shocked with what I had heard,I stopped and turned around just in time to see my br-other taking his pants off. I could have killed our little si-sters!***When I got back to camp there wasn't a damn thing wrong with the fire,and I wondered what those boys were playing at.I was in the woods,cutting sticks for hot dogs,when I heard them coming up the trail. They couldn't see me where I was standing but,I had a good view of them and watched as they walked naked,holding hands,and chanting "We are the F.F.B.C. I'll Play with You,You Play With Me! The F.F.B.C. My Club's For You,Your Club's For Me!" over and over until they stopped around the fire.You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw Scott bend over and spread his ass cheeks,offering his bright pink hole for Stevie or Jimmy to eat. To my amazement,it was Jimmy who stepped up first and began tongue fucking his friend,as Stevie reached between Jimmy's legs and played with his little prick.It was obvious that they didn't care if I caught them or not but,ten minutes later,when I still hadn't shown up,the three little perverts skipped inside of the cabin and shut the door behind them. It was agony not jerking off. I refused to do it! There was no way I was going to jerk off after seeing that. I mean,if I did,that would make me gay,right? So I ran back down to the lake and swam around till I found a cold spring! It didn't help.It had been dark for about an hour before I made my way back to the cabin."Guys! Come out here and bring the food cooler!"No answer.I walked up to the cabin door and found it was locked."Not funny,Boys! Let me in!" "Not by the hair,of our chinny-chin-chin!" Stevie yelled back."Don't fuck with Me! Unlock the god-damned door!And You don't have any hair on your balls,let alone your chin!""Did He just say,He fucked a whore?" Jimmy asked."I thought he said 'Don't pee on the floor." Scott laughed!The door jam turned into splinters beneath the fo-rce of my bare foot when I kicked it open.As long as I live,I will never forget the sight that greeted me.Three of the prettiest little "Girls" were arranged in a line in front of me.One with long,wavy,Raven-black hair,One with short,Bright Red hair,and the third looked like an eleven year old,Platinum Blond Jennette Mccurdy!Now I knew who Scott reminded me of!"You like?" Stevie asked. I only knew that it was him,because I recognised his voice. Wearing that wig,and makeup he looked more like a young Selina Gomez."I bet His dick's hard!" Jimmy said."If It is,then I want to suck his cock first!" Scott giggled."Not so fast,Scotty! Welcome, David, to the very first F.F.B.C. meeting!" Stevie announced."F.F.B.C.? What the fuck are you talking about,Stevie?""The Fabulous..." he giggled."Fem..." Scotty intoned,and pulled at the two dangling earrings clamped to his nipples."Boys..." Jimmy cooed,and slid his white panties with the big embroidered daisy aside,exposing his hairless package."CLUB!" They Yelled together and gave each other a three way high five before striking a classic Anime pose!"Holy Shit!" I gasped.Jimmy walked over to me and patted my cheek. "Please,Not here Sweetheart. I just swept the floor! Would You like me to suck your cock now? Or Do you want to fuck us first?""Get in line and wait your turn,Girls. This cock is Mine! But sisters Always Share! Don't worry. We have All Weekend!" Stevie chided them.I didn't resist when my pants were pulled down around my ankles and Stevie began sucking on the head of my cock!I heard Jimmy saying as he picked up a Composition Tablet and wrote "Four Virgins went camping at an old,abandoned fish camp. None returned." "Uh,Stevie? Maybe You should have fucked my ass with four fingers. Wait! What am I worried about? The Two of You are tighter than I am! You've only been fucked with One finger!"It was funny how Scott screamed the loudest and longest!***With enough interest,there will be a part two.
04-07-2021, at 02:22 PM

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