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Slut: Brandi and the BBC part five

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Slut: Brandi and the BBC part fivePart FiveHubby has now left the building, to stay at his hotel and watch his unfaithful wife take black cock in all of her hungry holes. He'll watching the link he set up on his iPad and iPhone from the various cameras he set up around the bedroom, plus he doesn't think I'm aware of the camera in the lounge! I'll deliberately put that one to good use.The twins Yani and Dex should be here in about 10 minutes and everything is prepared.The wine is chilling in an ice bucket, I've put some porn on the television of white women being gloriously fucked by huge black cocks, courtesy of my new membership to Dog Fart the interracial website. I'm dressed in my very tight black lace, bra less basque, the Fishnet seamed stockings are attached to the garter clasps, the bondage strap red spiked heels shoes are fastened snugly and the PVC red dress is clinging to my curvy frame delectably. I'm absolutely frantically aroused at the prospect of what lies ahead. My pussy is tingling in anticipation of being fed 10 inch plus sized cocks, attached to alpha black males who most definitely know how to use them. I lit a cigarette to calm my sexual nerves and paced the floor, listening to the click of my high heels resonating in my lounge. I knew hubby would be sitting watching this, so my pacing was of the sexual variety, with a lot of hip swaying and posing all around my lounge. My phone sprang in to life as my ring tone echoed around the room. I looked at the phone to find the call was from Yani."Hello sexy. What can I do for you?" I breathed seductively with a hint of innuendo."You can open the door and let me and Dex in. We're on your doorstep!" He laughed, his deep voice poring into my ear like sweet warm syrup. Just the sound of his voice was enough to get my juices flowing. I hung up the phone and for hubby's benefit, said out loud."The unfaithful white slut is about to get blacked!"I opened the door with my left hand on my hip, my stockinged legs slightly parted, staring at my alpha males with a mischievous grin emblazoned across my face.The twins were drinking in my curved body, wrapped seductively in the skintight soft red PVC dress. My garter straps were clearly visible the material was so soft, thin and tight."See anything you like?" I smiled, moving my hand off my waist and cupping my left breasts."Lady! You are going to get so much black cock tonight you won't be able to walk!" Dex smiled. That was exactly what I was hoping for. The sensual pain and undoubted pleasure of having a huge ebony cock sliding in and out my tight pink pussy or stretched puckered ring is absolutely breathtaking. Their beautiful black bodies were d****d in skintight Calvin Klein T-shirts, revealing their muscular frames, making my pussy twitch and throb with sexual excitement. They were both wearing what I would describe as Cargo Pants with Tan Boots. Their cocks were evident in these trousers, poking menacingly in my direction, the large hard flesh of their cocks waiting to be unleashed. My mouth opened slightly as a soft moan of delight left my mouth, looking at the gigantic trouser bulges.My make up was deliberately over the top, making me look the biggest slut imaginable for the pleasure of my black cock masters. My eye shadow was dark and smoky, giving my eyes a sultry look. My lipstick was deep red with a few coatings of clear lip gloss, showing my lips to be full, wet and tantalizingly sexy. A look I know they enjoy witnessing when my lips slip and slide over the huge black helmets of their teak hard cocks.Dex placed his right hand around my waist, smiling when he felt the tight corset beneath the dress, and kissed my shiny lips with his delicious large black lips. Any of my neighbours could have witnessed this as we were still on my doorstep. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him close to me, feeling his hard long cock, pulse against my pussy through the soft red PVC dress. He guided me into the house, still kissing me passionately as Yani closed the front door behind us, giving us total sexual privacy.Dex manipulated me toward my lounge, which would give hubby a little view of the wild kissing taking place. We were almost in the middle of the lounge, when Yani stood behind me as his twin kissed me and held me tightly. Dex moved his hands down to my PVC clad ass, kneading and manipulating my butt and enjoying the erotic sensation of the soft PVC. Yani standing behind me, placed his hands on my PVC covered breasts and began to squeeze the fleshy breasts as he softly brushed his large black lips over the nape of my neck. The tingles were running up and down my spine then parking themselves in my pussy. I moaned into Dex's mouth as his brother tantalized my responsive breasts, encouraging my sensitive nipples to become erect. The nipples were pushing against the soft red PVC, so much that Yani could actually twist and tweak the PVC coated erect nipples. The guys turned me around, changing positions and repeated the glorious foreplay. Yani was a much better kisser than his brother, and his brother was sensational. His long black tongue slid between my glossed and entwined with my own tongue. I was hugely aroused at this stage and knew that my hubby would be enjoying this view with relish. Two very well hung black men teasing his wife and preparing her for two huge cocks to fuck her like a slut and give her pleasure she could only dream of. Dex being the impatient one, placed his fingers on my zip and intended to take the zip down. I stopped his hand at the zipper and whispered saucily."Why don't I do a striptease for my black cock alpha males?" I suggested, loud enough to ensure hubby would be able to hear.They both nodded and sat on the sofa. I poured both guys a glass of chilled wine then walked over to the CD player and turned on a prince CD. Sexy Mother fucker throbbed out of the speakers as I began to slowly walk around the lounge, gyrating my hips, holding my tits, bending over arching my back with my legs slightly parted as I turned my head to face the twins. Both guys were smiling enjoying the show, sipping their wine casually.I turned to face them and smiled at both guys as I placed my thumb and forefinger on the zipper. Slowly and deliberately I moved the zip down the dress. My cleavage came into play first as the zip moved over my orbs, freeing them from their bondage.I moved the zip down further revealing my black lace basque and stopped. Looking at the guys I smiled and said."Why don't you guys take off your clothes and get comfortable. I want to see what my striptease does to those beautiful black cocks!" I smiled then licked my lips.Both guys in unison pulled the T-shirts over their heads revealing the beautiful ebony shiny muscles. The trousers were removed in an instant and two huge proud cocks jutted forward. I moaned involuntarily at the sight of the huge cocks, shining and glistening, ready to give me pleasure. The guys sat back down on the sofa, slowly stroking the entire length of those gorgeous shafts. I smiled at my audience and continued slowly moving the zip down the dress. The leash below the basque was now on display as the guys began to stroke their cocks just a little quicker. Pre cum was oozing out of the eye of the cocks, making the large heads all shiny and greasy. The smell of cum filled my nostrils, raising my state of arousal.I slid the zip right to the end as the dress popped open, revealing my erect nipples and shaved pussy to the guys. My pussylips were puffed up with arousal and were glistening with my wetness. My clitoris was unhooked and pounded with pulse of blood forcing itself through my veins to feed it's hunger. My nipples were protruding almost half an inch of hard erect nipple flesh, as the cool air tenderly aroused the goosebumps flesh. I slid out of the dress completely, turning my back to the guys, giving them a view of my cinched waist, side boob and full firm naked buttocks, with the garter straps slicing through my buttock flesh. Bending over, I arched my back, parting my legs just enough to reveal my glistening slit, I then placed both hands on my ass cheeks and spread the fleshy firm buttocks. My pussy and asshole were now on display for my alpha males. Hubby would be witnessing this also, but he would definitely not have as good as view as my black lovers. I turned my head to look over my shoulder at my alpha males and said."This is all for you guys. I'm your whore slut to do with as you wish. Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass and fuck my mouth! They all belong to you guys!" I smiled seeing how this pleased the guys and knowing my hubby would be losing his mind watching this."Do you want to fuck me here or in my husbands bed?" I grinned still showing my ass and pussy."We need to fuck the unfaithful white slut whore in the white mans marital bed! Fuck his slut and make sure some of our seed marks his bed!" Yani smiled pulling me toward him. I stumbled with his tugging and fell across both of their laps, feeling the huge black cock flesh poking into my back. Yani was closest to my pussy and began to gently stroke my shaved slit. Dex leant forward and placed my erect nipple between his teeth and gently pulled on the erect flesh as his tongue flicked the flesh inside his mouth. Yani's finger opened my pussy lips as I placed both hands either side of my labia and held it open for him, showing my raw pink wet hole available to him, to do with as he wishes. Yani slid his large finger into my pussy slowly and deliberately. His finger was as big as some of the cocks that have fucked me in the past, as he slid it back and forth, in and out of my wet velvet tunnel. My pussy clamped on to his finger as he began to increase the speed, finger fucking my pussy, listening to my juices squelch with undeniable excitement. Oh fuck yeah!" I panted "Finger fuck my whore pussy!" I panted almost screaming with pleasure as Yani pushed his finger deeper and deeper. As my orgasm began to approach, Yani hooked his finger to the front wall of my pussy and began to finger blast me. My Gspot quivered with sensational pleasure as wave after wave sexual delight fooded my pussy resulting in a gushing orgasm spraying over Yani's large black hand. He took his other hand and gently began tapping his hand on my clitoris as his finger still blasted my pussy. A second gush of female ejaculation splashed out of my cunt leaving me almost fainting with sexual ecstasy as Yani and Dex laughed knowing I was their bitch to do with as they pleased. My arousal was so high, I never noticed that Dex had moved from underneath my and was now slapping my cheek with his huge hard cock. Without question I opened my glossed lips as Dex fed his length slowly into my mouth, watching my tongue frantically licking the delicious black flesh. Yani had also moved slightly, just enough so that the head of his huge black snake was rubbing my cum drenched slit. The heat of his cock made me open my legs, allowing the large head of his cock to slip inside my pussy. There could only have been two or three inches of his length inside me, but already my pussy was being delightfully stretched. I placed my left hand on Dex's shaft, ensuring my wedding ring was visible and began to stroke and tap the length of his proud black cock. Hubby would be liking this view, his unfaithful slut wife sliding her hand with her wedding ring still being worn as she stroked the huge shaft of a big black cock. Yani slowly fed his length into my stretched hungry pussy, sending delightful sensations deep inside my cunt. The pain of his size and the glorious pleasure of his cock was the stuff erotic dreams are made of.My two huge cocked black boys were working me over again, giving me those fantastic lengths, putting those enormous cocks inside my lingerie clad, fuckslut body, reminding me of how awesome that first fuck was, but somehow, this fuck was even better. Dex began twisting my nipples, not forcefully but with enough intent. Yani slid his cum covered finger in my ass and began to rotate the digit. A feeling I found most stimulating and erotic.I raised my right stockinged leg, moving around the back of Yani, placing him between my legs and pulled him deep into my stretched cunt. The breath left my body as the intensity of his cock overcame me. A sense of unending passion surged through me, making every part of my body erogenous, as I sucked lustfully on Dex's huge hard cock, as Yani's long ebony snake, slid in and out of my pussy, with all of my pussy juice glistening on the black shaft. My stockinged legs were now as wide as they had ever been, feeling Yani's enormous cock pound my cunt majestically. My toes were pointing outward as Yani gave me one the most perfect sexual experiences, with his cock banging against my cervix as I kissed and licked his brothers cock, enthralled by the musky smell and seasoned salty taste of his 10 inch cock. My eyes rolled over as Yani slipped me his hard length, sending another powerful orgasm swirling through my cunt, as the huge black cock stretched and pleasured me.I thrashed and bucked beneath my black lover as my stockinged legs wrapped around his back, pulling him even closer. Dex's cock was now removed from my mouth as he held the huge cock mid shaft and said."Time to fuck this bitch's ass!"Yani laughed watching his brother swing his huge dick around, desperate to force it into my tight asshole."Let's get whore upstairs and bang her in her husbands bed!" Yani laughed as his humiliating dominating words aroused me. Yani climbed off me, revealing my gaping shaved pussy to him and his brother."Come on slut, show us where your bed is. We're gonna tear up your ass and pussy!" He grinned holding his huge erection. I looked at his muscular ebony body, with his enormous manhood pointing to me, almost threatening how much pleasure it was about to bestow on me. My mind was actually spinning with lust as turned to see Dex stroking his equally impressive length, with both smiling their pearly white smiles. I was addicted to the sensations these cocks provided, and it would seem that hubby would need to allow time in my schedule for me to be drilled by these blacks or similar on a regular basis."Come on slut, show us the bed you will be defiled in!' Dex said laughing, something I knew hubby would be enjoying watching on his secret camera.i stood between my two black masters and wrapped my feminine white hands around the throbbing blacks. Leading the guys by the cock, i guided them out of the lounge and slowly swayed my way upstairs still holding the massive cocks. Both boys playfully slid a finger in my ass and pussy as I walked slowly up the stairs, feeling the movement of their fingers inside me with each step I took. I was biting my lower lip, my state of arousal was so high. When we reached my bedroom door, Yani opened it and made his way to the bed, spreading his muscular black body on top of my crisp white duvet. I leant over him, placing my hands on his chest, I moved my leg over his hard black body and straddled his hips. The tip of humongous erection was nudging at my pussylips as they kissed his black helmet as though it was my mouth kissing him. He held my corseted narrow waist and slid me down on his 10 inch member. The lips of my pussy were being forced inside my cunt, as his cock stretched my quim. I was almost sobbing with pleasure at the stretching his cock was doing to my pussy. As the final inch of his dream like cock slid inside me, he twitched his length deep inside my pussy, giving me sexual electric shocks, the pleasure was so sensational. Just as I became accustomed to his vast length inside me, I heard, then felt Dex spit on my exposed asshole. Dex moved his cock to the puckered ring of my asshole and smeared his saliva all around my tight opening with the head of his cock. I was squirming with desire at what was about to unfold. My eyes were rolling with pleasure from Yani's world class cock and then suddenly they opened wide as Dex slid the head of his huge cock inside my sphincter. The pain and pleasure is impossible to describe except to state that it was indeed sensational. My moans turned into begging."Fuck me guys. Give me those huge black cocks!" I groaned as Dex slid his entire length slowly deep inside my ass. Inch by inch the black cock slid inside my asshole. My eyes were closed and my mouth was open, as I sighed sexually at the raw sexual pleasure. Yani was holding my large breasts, twisting my erect nipples in a mixture of pain and sensual pleasure. I was crammed full of cock as the guys afforded a small period of time to allow me to get used to the incredible amount of cock meat filling up my holes. Yani began to gently move his rhythmic hips, encouraging his cock to slowly slide in and out of my pussy. Dex was more forthright and began to withdraw his cock and slam it back into my ass.The contrast of the styles of fucking, pushed me over the edge, bringing a most delicious orgasm surging through my cock stuffed pussy. Yani's cock was so deep inside my pussy, my velvet pussy walls gripping his black snake tightly, I felt my pussy begin to gush. Female ejaculate gushed from my tightly filled pussy, drenching both cocks and leaving a significant damp patch on my now not so crisp white duvet. The guys did not let up and continued fucking me with dynamic fervor. My orgasm never truly waned but seemed to progress to another level I never knew existed. My hips were thrusting with theirs as both cocks slipped in and out of me effortlessly. Only an hour had passed and I was already beginning to feel sexually drained. Just how long could I go on being fucked and receiving this much pleasure.My moaning, hip thrusting, lingerie, tight pussy and tight ass were now beginning to become too much for my black lovers as they both indicated they were soon going to come."Where would you like to feed me your seed?" I panted lustfully."In your mouth. Then later we will stick both our cocks in your pussy and double cream pie you!" Yani said, indicating I climb off him for the two cock spunk onslaught. Dex slid his cock out of my ass and I could feel the cool air wafting across my gaping asshole. Yani lifted me like a rag doll off his cock, pointing to the floor. I knelt on the floor as instructed as both guys stood on each side of my face. I held their cocks as they jerked them in my face, taking turns in licking the end of each black cock. Dex was the first to explode as a powerful jet of black mans seed splashed my cheek. I opened my mouth willingly to collect the remainder of his load, then slid my lips over the dome of his cock, shrouding the head as I swirled my tongue around the smooth huge sensitive cock. I licked the the tight slit on his cock head, making his body shudder with pleasure as Yani growled that he was about to come. I automatically took as much of his cock into my mouth, place the head of his cock at the back of my tongue and swallowed. At least two more inches of his cock slid down my gullet, creating a vacuum effect inside my mouth as his cock began to spurt spicy spunk into my throat. I was sliding my tongue on the underside of his cock, gently scratching his huge balls with my red talon nails."Swallow my load whore!" Yani snarled as his entire deposit slid down my gullet as my throat, mouth and tongue milked his cock.'You will suck cock like this tomorrow when you are working as our whore!" Yani smiled."The brothers will enjoy fucking this white trash slut!" Yani continued smiling at his brother."Once I get my breath back I think we will enjoy fucking this cheating wife slut!" Dex replied.Not only were these guys expert cocksman, they were world class dirty talkers!For the next three hours, the twins did things to me I never thought possible and all captured on camera for my husbands pleasure. With their huge cocks, they provided pleasure to me that I didn't know existed. All three of us were physically drained. My pussy was swollen, my asshole was almost mush and jaw ached beyond reason from sucking their huge black cocks. Yani said we should all sleep and I should make a breakfast for them when I awoke, but I was to stay dressed in my lingerie. I lay between the two guys and drifted off to sleep with my right breast being stroked from behind by Dex as his semi erect cock nestled between my ass cheeks. My head was resting on Yani's chest as my hand held his meaty semi erect cock, gently stroking the length With calm lust and affection. We all fell into a deep sleep in this position.When we woke in the morning I was still holding Yani's cock which had turned to morning wood and Dex's cock had somehow slid inside my ass. I rocked my hips slowly felling Dex's cock twitch inside my asshole as Yani fed his hard cock into my mouth. I lovingly sucked Yani's cock to completion as Dex fucked my ass slowly and came inside my bowels almost at the same time as his brother fed me a copious amount of early morning spunk. They guys lay back on the bed, their semi erect shiny cocks still looking very impressive as I climbed out of bed, went downstairs still dressed in my lingerie and prepared a large breakfast for the twins. I took the food and coffee upstairs to the guys and when they recharged their batteries and filled their stomachs, they both fucked me, but one at a time. It was the closest thing to making love as the fucking was quite tender and endearing. I gave myself totally to the guys as they both emptied an unbelievable amount of black seed deep inside my womb. When they had satisfied themselves with my body, I lay stretched out on the bed sexually contented. Yani sat on the bed, stroked my hair and whispered gently."We'll need to discuss what you wear tonight and what you charge when you're working as our white whore!" He smiled I looked at Yani unable to hide my excitement that I was actually going to be a pimped out slut, to be used and abused as they saw fit"And just so you are aware, we will be bringing your clients here, two at a time, to fuck you as a hooker in your husbands bed!" Yani grinned a cruel grin.I squirmed on the bed, excited by the nastiness of this. My husband will see his hot wife fucking as a hooker for total strangers."They will wear condoms when they fuck you, but you will suck the cock of every guy exactly as you did to me last night and you will swallow every drop like a good white slut!"Yani continued. It looks like tonight could be every bit as pleasurable as last night and hubby will get to see and record it all. I'm actually looking forward to tight now!
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