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The Educational Seminars, Chapter 2

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The Educational Seminars, Chapter 2The Educational Seminars, Chapter 2By: Curt B, Julie V.Chapter Two - 'Show and Tell'It was gone midnight when I picked up the phone with a shaking (and sticky!) hand. I knew it was going to be Pam; she said that she would call as soon as she got back to her hotel."Hi honey, are you good?"I ignored answering the question, I was just so relieved to hear her voice. "Baby, oh, wow, I've been so worried sitting here waiting for your call ... wow, what a performance ... are you OK .. was it rough?" I left my words in mid-air hoping she would tell me what she knew I was angling to hear."Honey, it was great. Could you hear OK? I tried to make certain that the phone was where you could listen. I hope I wasn't being too crude or noisy but I know that that's what you wanted to hear and, hey, wasn't that a laugh when he realised that you were listening in? "He really was joking that he was mad about it .... he said that it was always a kick to him to know that a husband was witnessing his wife being fucked by a black man. He said he knew that's what a lot of white guys really wanted to see happening and he was always willing to oblige. Anyway, how are you, did you enjoy listening to everything that was going on at this end?"I was almost at a loss of how to answer, she sounded as if she was asking her students to summarize a particular exercise or lesson that she had just presented in class! My sweet Pam never failed to surprise me."Uh, it was great ... uh, it was just as I hoped it would be but I was just a tad worried that you might be in something too deep, something a little dangerous."She scoffed, "Oh Honey, you know that I wouldn't do anything like that. I can take care of myself and, anyway, what you couldn't know was that Shane was really in on the act and he was playing up to you. I might have had a little bit too much to drink but, believe me, I knew what I was doing and it helped knowing that you were at home getting yourself off listening; you were, weren't you?""Ha, you better believe it. I think I filled that condom twice over and, do you know what, listening to your sweet voice telling me about is getting me riled up again and I might just have to do something about it ...." I let the suggestion of 'something' hang in air knowing that she knew what I suggesting was I would soon be stroking my erection; Pam so loves to see me wank and I knew that I had planted the picture in her mind. I went for broke, "Do you want to join me?""Mmm, nice idea but honey, my poor pussy has taken such a beating that I might just have to pass and just listen to you instead. You go ahead."I asked her to fill me in on a few more details on the evening and then obliged her by stroking myself to yet another satisfying climax, this time without slipping on a fresh black condom. She purred with delight as she listened and I grunted my satisfaction as the spurts of cum splashed onto my stomach and chest."Hmmm, it sounded like you enjoyed that Honey but, do know what, it's getting really late and I (ought to) be getting myself to bed. I've got a long day tomorrow and this girl needs to be getting her beauty sleep. I'm going to take a quick shower ... I feel like there's an awful lot of stuff that needs to be washed off," she said with a giggle. "I'll speak with you tomorrow and let you know what the plan is. Night, night.".The phone went dead. 'Plan'; she's made plans? I reached for the tissues and moped myself off and all the while thinking whatever had she (they?) hatched for tomorrow. I pulled the covers over me and with my mind working overtime fell into an uneasy sleep.******I was awoken by the phone. Crap, is that the time? "Hello.""Good morning Honey. Did I wake you; did you sleep well? I did," said the chirpy voice of my sweet Pam .. in complete contrast to how I was feeling."Hi sweetheart ... Yeah, you did wake me .. thanks for that .. I must have missed the alarm," I blurted as I tried to get my thoughts together. "So, how are doing, what's up, what's happening?""Well, I'm all good and freshened up after my lovely night out. I'm just about to go down to breakfast and then it's off to the seminar for the day. What about you?""Uh, same old, same old. I need to get the k**s off to school and then I've got a day shift to work. Nothing planned beyond that ... other than taking care of the k**s, watching some TV and then coming back here to the bedroom later and waiting for a call," I said enigmatically.She responded as I hoped she would, with a giggle. "Oh, and just who would that call be from?""Yeah, right, I wonder. So, go on, what (have) you got planned?""Hmm, well Shane suggested that instead of going to (a) club or bar or such tonight that maybe it would be more convenient if he came here to the hotel and we had dinner. The weather forecast here is pretty bad and I really didn't fancy the idea of going out and braving the rain so I agreed that it sounded a nice idea. He also said that after dinner that maybe we could go to my room and we could have a nightcap."I knew that she more than a nightcap in mind. "Yeah, sounds like a plan. Did he suggest anything else?"(There was that) giggle again. "Uh, yeah. He said that he was cool with you listening in last night when we, you know, were, uh, busy and he suggested that maybe instead of just listening that maybe you might like to look."WTF! 'Look', look at what?"Uh, what did he (mean?) How's that gonna happen?""Oh, he's got it all figured out. He says that I can set my Laptop up for a Skype call with you and if you do the same we will be able to see each other, you know, doing it. What do you think?"I was speechless as I absorbed the matter-of-fact way in which she told me. The idea of watching my wife, 100s of miles away, out of reach but not out of sight being fucked - for that was what she was implying - by a black man and me being able to do nothing about it, well, I had no words, I didn't know what to say, how to respond then I realised that my cock was doing the talking for me, I was as stiff as I had ever been at the very idea of what was going to occur.I weakly answered with what I hoped didn't come over as sounding sarcastic, "Sounds great; can't wait. Yeah, go for it ... Uh (honey, I?ve) gotta go. I can hear the k**s starting a riot and I need to get to work. You have a nice day and we'll 'speak' later."We made our kissy noises and I put the phone down and figured I had just enough time for a quick wank before I went downstairs. Oh my God, what a prospect, watching my wife being fucked by black cock .. it took me no time at all with that vision in mind for me to spurt once more over the sheets.******The day dragged and it was an ordeal to keep my mind on the day-job and not to be thinking about was what might be occurring later. However, I survived and I literally sped home so that I could make sure that everything that needed to be done by me as the responsible parent was carried out and that once the k**s had all gone off to bed that our bedroom was set up so that I could 'participate' in what I was hoping was going to be a good show.I was watching (but not really watching) TV when late in the evening my phone rang. It was Pam."Hi Honey. How are you?" She didn't wait for my answer, "We've just had dinner, it was nice, and we're just going to go up. Shane has had to go off to pick something up and make a couple of calls so I thought to give you a quick call myself."My heart started racing. So this was it, we're about to begin and go down that path. I didn't say anything but just gave a non-committal grunt. She made no comment but continued to gabble in a nervous way."Uh, I made sure that I didn't have anything to drink, you know how that gets to me, but Shane could see that I was a little bit nervous so he gave me a tablet that he said would calm my nerves. I don't know what it was but for sure it's done the trick and I'm starting to feel fine now."'Gave her something; a tablet?' WTF! (It sounded) to me like he was trying to d**g her or something. I thought (it) best not to say anything that my convey my concerns but once more I was reminded that my dear Pam could be a little naive and too trusting when dealing with strangers. I decided to keep things light, "Ah, honey. I think you need to be a little careful what you are sticking in your mouth. You know that can get you into all sorts of trouble!"She giggled, "I'm sure I don't know what you mean. Anyway, let me tell you this Shane is such a cutey. He's already told me that he is going to take good care of me and that I have nothing to worry about. I've already told him about us and he has said that he is going to take care of everything, so don't you worry. He said he's going to play up to you and that you don't have to worry 'bout a thing." The line went quiet for a moment and I'm sure I heard her make a sigh."You OK?""Yeah, I'm fine ... just a little excited ... anyway, I can see him waving to me from the lobby so I had better go join him and get ourselves up to my room. I'm thinking you need to get yourself together as well. Speak soon." The line went dead.I scrambled to my feet and made my way up the stairs checking on the k**s' bedroom as I went by and was gratified to hear that all was quiet. I closed the bedroom door behind me and clicked the lock. It took me seconds to get out of my clothes and already my cock was in an agreeable state of stiffness as I lay down on the bed. I had previously opened up my laptop and positioned it on the nightstand so that I could see the screen with ease and also made sure that the camera was pointing in my direction. All I had to do was wait.And wait I did. I'm not sure how long I lay there waiting, it must have been an hour or more, what the hell could she/they be doing? Time seemed to be standing still along with me seemingly holding my breath, I was so excited at the thought of what was about to occur. For the umpteenth time I adjusted the position of the laptop and then just as I was moving it once more my anticipation was shocked by the familiar call sign that is Skype. With trembling hands I replaced it on the nightstand and clicked the accept tab ... we both said the same thing simultaneously, "Hi Honey, can you see me?"I looked at the screen and focused my gaze on the familiar scene of a hotel bedroom with a Queen size bed centre stage. Seated on the bed was my wife wearing a glazed expression and little else other than a see-through negligee over what looked like a short baby-doll nightie."Wow, you look good. I don't remember seeing that outfit before."She gave a shy smile, "No Shane bought it for me. He told me to put it on before I called you. You like it, huh?" She stood up from the bed and on unsteady feet gave a twirl. Once she stood I could see she had on thigh-high stockings and her 'fuck-me' high heels. The negligee flared a little to reveal what looked like lacy white panties and a half-cup bra. She looked the complete slut."What do you (think?) Shall I wear this for you when I come home?" she said in a 'little girl' voice accompanied by (another) giggle. Another voice broke into the conversation, it was Shane who came into view on the other side of the bed, "Yeah, thought that your old lady could do with a bit of decoration .... a bit of tidying up, so I bought her a present," he said with a leer in my direction. Wow, he was really putting on a performance.What could I say in response but lamely (joked), "Hi Shane, and it's good to (finally) see you too!"He came over to this side of the bed, the better to see me and to tell me, "Yeah, I bought her some other stuff as well ..." he turned to look at Pam who was now sitting back on the edge of the bed, " ... show him, Bitch."Pam turned and picked up from the bed a large black vibrator. No, not large, it was huge. She shyly held it up so I could better see it. She hefted it in her hands and play-acted that she was stroking it and with a smile and a slurry voice said, "Isn't he kind? I never knew they made toys this big ..."My god, she sounded stoned. What the hell had he given her?She looked straight at the camera (and me!) and raised the fat vibrator to her mouth, put out her tongue and began to lick around the bulbous end. I watched as her saliva began to make it wet and shiny and I eased myself on my own bed to allow my stiffening cock a little more space."Hmm, I can see that you like looking my gift. Shall we see what else I can do with it?" With that she spread her legs and lowered the impossible looking black dildo to her pantie-covered pussy and slid it up and down over the camel-toe. "Oh, it's so big. Whatever shall I do?" she said again using that silly schoolgirl voice. I didn't have the chance to (answer.) Shane came back into the shot and stood beside her. He glanced at the camera to make sure that I could see and with that (he) unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and I was shocked to see that he was as big, if not bigger, than the toy cock my Pam was rubbing over her obviously wet cunt. He moved closer and grabbing her by the hair jerked her so that she could turn her attention to the obscene black tool that was positioned just right in front of her dribbling mouth. She obliged and put out her tongue before sucking the fat purple plum into her rosebud mouth."Like what you see, white boy? Your old lady is going to be getting plenty of this tonight ... that's what you want, right?"I didn't have to answer, he knew that it was exactly what I wanted to see (and hear). Without looking down I placed my hand around my own stiff cock and confirmed my approval at what I was seeing.My presence in the room was ignored as Pam concentrated her efforts on trying to take him further into her wet mouth, it was an impossible task but from the sounds of her sucking and slurping she was clearly enjoying what she could taste and I could only imagine that Shane in turn was delighting in the feel of her tongue as she diligently went about her business. He began to face-fuck her and with his pants now down around his ankles I could see his hanging balls swinging in rhythm with his movements. Grief, he was big in every department.Although she now had her mouth full of cock she somehow managed to pull aside the gusset of her panties and spreading her legs further apart with a deft movement the black dildo slid into her sopping wet pussy. Oh my God, what a picture. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. My wife, sucking off a black man, a stranger no less, and masturbating herself with a toy that he had just given her. I had to restrain myself from touching my own twitching penis which was now dribbling sticky pre-cum over the bed.I groaned my approval and she raised her eyes to look at me and although her mouth was full managed to convey a smile in my direction. We were both then shocked when the sound of a cell phone was heard and Shane pulled away to go out of camera shot to pick up the annoyance."Yo .... Yeah, we're in the room ... uh, nah, dunno the number ... wait up, I'll come on down and get you .... Yeah, she's hot and she's looking forward to meeting you ... Bye."He came back into view and zipping up his pants he looked straight at the camera said, "(Just) gotta run an errand. Y'all keep busy and I'll be back in a mo .." He made no mention of me lying on my bed, holding my cock.'... come on down and get you ..', what the heck is that about?Pam didn't budge or change her dreamy expression, she just continued looking blankly in my direction as she worked her new best friend back and forth and deeper each stroke into her pussy. She was clearly enjoying exposing herself to me so blatantly and I sensed she was getting close to having an orgasm."Do you like what you see Honey ... he's such a nice guy ... so caring ... he's ... uh, oh .... gone to meet his friend. Mmm, I wonder if he will be as ... uh, uh .. oh my god ....," she gave a quiet squeal as her pleasures washed over her. When she calmed down she pulled the vibrator from her and held it up for me to see; it was dripping."Wow, you are so wet. I've never seen you like that before from just playing."She giggled, "Hmm, you silly. That's not from playing, that must be from the fuck we had before I called you. He cums so hard .... !"Jeez, so that's why I was waiting so long for the call-back. They'd already taken time to fuck when they first got back to her room and obviously before he had made her get dressed up. I groaned inside at the thought, my wife thinking more about him rather than me, her poor husband, who she knew would be aching to hear her voice.My thoughts and her spaced-out smile were interrupted by the sound of a loud knocking on the door and Shane's voice calling, "Come on, open up Bitch."Pam slid from the bed and moved out of sight leaving me to ponder, 'he's not so damn smart that he didn't think to take the room key with him!' My smug expression was soon replaced when Pam came back into view and I saw that she was accompanied by not just Shane and 'a friend' but saw there was another black guy with them as well. Oh my god, is our fantasy about to be realised; am I about to witness my sweet Pam being the centre of a Gang-bang? My cock gave yet another twitch as the realization hit me. I reached for the foil packet that held the black latex condom.Pam needed no encouragement go and lay back on the bed. She scooted up so that she was perched against the pillows and taking the dildo back in hand she watched amusedly, as did I, as the three black males virtually tore at their clothes and rapidly undressed. The other two were not quite as well-built or as tall as Shane but when they turned around they all had one thing in common, their cocks, even though they didn't appear yet to be hard, were all far bigger than mine ... which was really stiff. Pam looked over toward me I knew from her expression that she wasn't fooled that even with the black condom that was now stretched over my aching penis that I was in their league at all."Bitch, meet my Homies. I tol' them all about this white bitch who loves black cock and they said they wud be happy to oblige." Shane then looked over toward the camera (and me) and continued with his 'introduction'. "Yeah, and her ol' man loves to see her get her bitch cunt filled so y'all make sure that he can see good when yo' fucking her white pussy," he said with a smirk.The two strangers looked toward me but made no comment other than adding their smirks as they both stroked their stiffening cocks. (How rude, they made no effort to introduce themselves!)One of them clambered onto the bed and knelt between Pam's parted legs. She smiled up at him as he gently pushed her hand holding the vibrator to one side before dipping his head down and I cringed as I saw his ridiculously long tongue snake out and start to lick and lap at the swollen lips of her pussy. He obviously was a fellatio expert for Pam instantly gave a moan of pleasure as she felt his probing tongue tickling at her clit. The other guy moved to the opposite side of the bed to where Shane was standing and they both kind of half-knelt either side of Pam who whilst moaning with pleasure from the tonguing at her cunt found time to take each of their swelling cocks in hand and to alternately turn her head from side to side so that she could suck at each. It was an incredibly erotic sight, my refined, schoolteacher wife dressed like a common slut surrounded by three black naked males who in their own way were looking to feed their rigid cocks into whatever hole they could find.I lay back and keeping my eyes on the screen began to have a slow wank, delighting in the touch of the black covering that was stretched around my cock. I deliberately held back from being to aggressive as I knew the inevitable consequences and I wanted the pleasure of what I was witnessing to last as long as my febrile (feeble?) mind would allow. At times I tried to pull my gaze away from the screen such was the mounting excitement of the sight of my wife, yes, MY wife, being fucked by these three black strangers but her squeals as she climaxed and their grunts as they spurted their (black) seed into and over her forced my focus back every time. I watched as she lay on her back with one of the black cocks buried deep inside her whilst she sucked at another; I saw Shane masturbating and rubbing his monster prick over her stiff nipples all the while looking at the camera to see if I was still watching; I looked on as she was hauled to her knees and a cock fucked her doggy fashion while she sucked at another and it must have been deep down her throat.I could hardly contain myself when I watched her still on her knees when she was turned to face the camera. She was lying on top of Shane who must have been balls-deep inside her when one of the other black guys came up and knelt behind her. Even though from that angle I couldn't see clearly there was no doubt where he was going to be shoving his still erect penis that was all shiny from his previous fucking of her cunt. As she felt the touch of him at her anus her head jerked up to look at me with those half-lidded beautiful d**gged eyes. He pushed a little deeper into her and she gave a squeal that conveyed neither pleasure or pain but then as he began working back and forth she began to purr with satisfaction, undoubtedly it must have been pleasure that overtook any pain she was getting from her first double-penetration. I took myself back in hand and it was the moment when she looked directly at the camera and mouthed 'I love you' that I exploded into my condom; I had never experienced such a violent orgasm in all my life as I had as at that moment. I think that I almost passed out such was the intensity that washed over me.It was the giggling and chuckles that bought me back to life. I looked at the screen and it seemed all four of them were looking at me still holding my prick covered with a cum-filled condom that was fit to burst such was the amount of spunk that bulged the end."Guess you liked what you saw then White boy?" said a smirking Shane. "Pity your wife ain't gonna be content with coming back to that pathetic dick once we've finished with her." He shook his half erect penis at me, "Now she's had real cocks she ain't gonna be wanting to be going near summat like that when she knows she can have this anytime!"I knew (hoped) that what he was saying was just part of the play-acting but nonetheless I had a shiver that perhaps there might be a modicum of truth in what he was suggesting. My fears were allayed when I switched focus to Pam who was still lying on the bed. She smiled at me and softly shook her head and once again mouthed 'I love you'. I smiled back.The three guys all moved out of camera shot and I could hear them laughing and then noises that suggested they were using the bathroom for one reason or another. Pam remained on the bed and I looked upon her as she gained her breath. She was a complete mess. Her nightie was bunched around her waist, the negligee and panties had long been discarded along with bra and the shoes; her nylons were still place but torn in places and in others stained with cum. I could see red marks on her heaving breasts that could only have been the result of some passionate sucking and her pussy, oh my, her pussy, I had never seen it so gaped open or such puffy lips. It looked even more obscene with globs of cum oozing from her and pooling on the sheets below. I loved it.The two 'friends' reappeared but now they were fully dressed. They shouted some Jive talk in Pam's direction which indicated they had enjoyed her company before one of them deliberately made a pistol hand and with a sneer shot at me. Not sure what I was supposed to make of the gesture but I guess he was indicating that he was the man ... and I wasn't! The pair of them made a noisy exit and all went quiet.I peeled the condom from my shrinking cock and carefully tied it before dumping it in the bathroom trash. God, I've never before shot so much. I felt quite proud of myself as I stood in front of the toilet and emptied my aching bladder into the bowl. My cock was still half-aroused when I returned to the bedroom and I set back on the bed and was gratified to see that Pam hadn't moved, she was still laying there in her disheveled state. I didn't have to wait long before Shane reappeared in camera shot, he was still naked and his big fat cock hung down and looked like he still had some mileage.He looked in my direction, "I ain't finished with your old lady yet but, do know what, I'm tired of having your pathetic face watching us. You better wish her goodnight 'cos you ain't gonna be watching anything more tonight ...." He turned to Pam, "... say goodnight to your husband."Pam looked up in confusion but did as he had bidden and gave me a weak wave of the hand. The next thing I saw was his big black hand come toward the screen and shut the laptop down.******I had to wait until the following morning to regain contact with her. I had called her cell but it was clearly switched off presumably as a measure of his dominance over her and the fact that he was in charge of my wife and denying me access.I had spent a restless night wondering what they could be doing, re-running through my mind the scenes of what I knew they had done and every thought only added to my arousal and once again I had to stroke off to yet another climax before I could get to sleep."Hi Honey, how are you; did you sleep well?" Pam's voice was a welcome relief to hear. She sounded full of life and I could hardly believe I was talking to someone sounding so normal knowing exactly what she had been doing a few hours previously. I didn't know quite how to respond but tried my best to sound just as normal."Yeah, I'm fine. What about you, did you have fun last night?"It was a bit of a rhetorical question for there was no doubt from what I had seen that she had enjoyed herself immensely."Mmm, I had a lovely time and I could see that you weren't far behind," she said with a giggle. "I'll tell you all about it later."I laughed back, "Yeah, I'll look forward to that. So, what's the plan for today?""Ah, there's a wash-up session this morning at the seminar and then I'll be making my way out to the airport and coming on home back to you. I've already packed my bags so I won't have to come back here to check-out so it should be plain sailing. Can't wait to see you and I've got some exciting news to tell you.""Oh, what's that?""You'll just have to wait. Make sure you're at the airport and you'll hear soon enough. Now, I really must go. Love you ...," and with kissy noises the phone went dead. I spent the rest of the day wondering just what it was that was so important that she needed to tell me face-to-face. For sure she couldn't be telling me that she was pregnant already, perish the thought! I had arranged a short shift at the fire station and was at the arrival gate in time to see her come through the domestic terminal dragging her wheely bag behind her. She looked prim, proper and gorgeous. No one could have guessed looking at this schoolmarm of a lady that she had been the complete slut the night before. I took her in my arms and gave her the biggest embrace. Was it my imagination or could I smell through her perfume the aroma of something else?We got to the car and I waited until we hit the Freeway before asking, "So, what's the big secret?"She gave that giggle, "Oh, it's no big secret; no big deal, but Shane found out where we live and he said that he has an Aunt who lives nearby. He said that he really ought take time out to visit the old lady given he's her only real relative and that he wants to remind her he needs to be in the will ... he was joking. Anyway, he says he is going to come visit in a few weeks' time; I told him that he must come to us for dinner one of the nights he is here ...." Her voice trailed off leaving the hint in the air."Dinner, is that what you're thinking?"She giggled again, "That's up to you. If you want to offer more than just dinner then I'm happy to go along with that and I'm sure that Shane will be willing to provide."The remainder of the drive was spent in relative silence as I contemplated what was being suggested. By the time we had parked up on the drive way I had already made my decision.**************
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