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Maternal ınstıncts. Chapter 2

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MATERNAL INSTINCTS. CHAPTER 2MATERNAL INSTINCTS By Amanda WrighterCHAPTER TWO?Aaahhh,? Annie blurted as she woke up and spurted hot fluid down her thighs onto the wet bed beneath her.She sighed and stroked her belly to calm herself.It was just a dream! Damn! By now she?d grown used to the intensely realistic dreams that pregnancy brought on, but this one had been overly stimulating. She cum on herself upon waking. Can?t believe I actually had a wet dream about Steven! That?s some sick shit right there!Just then, she twisted in the bed and realized Steven was lying naked next to her.?Holee fuck!? she hissed, furiously grabbing at her face to cover her mouth.Oh damn! I didn?t dream that! Oh fuck! Oh fuck, what have I done?She lifted herself up in the bed and leaned over him. His back was to her and she had to see for herself that she had not hallucinated the huge penis thing.Her eyes scrolled down his boney form until they locked on his genitals dangling over the side of his left thigh. His dick literally d****d over his leg and onto the blanket beneath him.She nervously reached out and touched it?then froze as it moved and slithered. Amused, she tapped it again and watched in awe as it began to harden.Fuck! Martin does good if he can bust two nuts in a single night?and this little bitch busted three and his dick is already hard again!No, it hadn?t been a dream, and she knew remembered now why it hadn?t been. This boy was her new sex toy and unlike the vibrator, he could perform just as good if not better than her husband.She leaned back into a sitting position next to him and fought through the fog of sleep to try and recall all of her dirty dream. Certain things were standing out. Being double penetrated mostly?but also the image of Megan fucking Steven seemed to turn her on.Restless now, she climbed out of bed and quietly made her way downstairs to the kitchen. After getting herself a bottle of water, she strolled around the living room naked, just enjoying the feel of air against her skin. Then she noticed the sliding glass doors that led into the patio area were open.Crap, I was in such a hurry when I hauled him out of here this morning with that arm?I completely forgot to close the damn doors.She walked over to the open glass door and stopped, letting the cool night breeze caress her nude body. It was invigorating, not to mention the chill felt good since she was nearly sweating.What the fuck?Megan does it!With careful footsteps, she glided out onto the patio and twirled around. Being naked outside was a dirty little thrill for her and had been since she was a girl.The outside light above her doors was off, as was the one above Megan?s patio, but light from the other woman?s house beamed out and penetrated through the cracks in the privacy fence that separated their patios.Through the light, she noticed movement on the other side of the fence.?Megan?? she called out hoarsely.?Hey,? her neighbor?s voice replied from the other side of the fence. ?You?re out late.??Couldn?t sleep,? she stated as she approached the fence. Just then she heard something sliding across the concrete on Megan?s side. ?What?er?you doing??In response, Megan?s head appeared over the top of the fence peering down at her. The woman?s face instantly lit up with amusement.?Dirty bitch! No stealing my thunder dammit!??What? OH SHIT!? she blurted and for a moment considered running into her house. ?Well damn, I guess it?s a bit late for modesty, huh???You?are?fucking huge,? the plump blonde commented with wide eyes from the top of the fence. ?No offense, but damn?just damn! How do you NOT have stretch marks?!??Let?s just say I smell like cocoa constantly.??Oh, that cream stuff really works, huh???I guess,? she muttered, suddenly feeling the chill a bit more than before. ?Enjoying the view are you???Hey, open your gate and come over here,? Megan asserted.?What? Gate?the gate goes out into the alley between the houses,? she stated with disbelief at the woman?s suggestion. ?I?m not stepping out there naked!??Pussy!??Fuck you?how ?bout you come over here then! Ya? done seen everything anyway.??Heard it too,? she popped off as she stepped off of whatever she was standing on and plodded to the back of her patio fence. Annie heard her gate hinges squeaking and realized suddenly that the woman was in fact, coming around. Hurriedly, she stepped to her own gate and unlocked it to let her in.?Nothing back there but cats and beer bottles,? Megan proclaimed as she clip-clopped in her flip flops through the open gate. Aside from her shoes, she had not a single stitch of clothing on.With every step, her tits jostled and swayed side to side stop her very round pot belly. And now that she looked closely, Annie realized her stomach jiggled and quivered nearly as much as her cumbersome tits did.Without waiting for an invitation, she plopped down into one of Annie?s outdoor chairs and made herself comfortable.?Hey, what did you mean you heard too, a minute ago?? she inquired as she dropped into the opposing chair across from Megan. Megan chuckled and grinned.?You got a boyfriend,? she finally blurted along with another giggle or two.?What the fuck are you talking about?? Annie demanded.?Oh c?mon, woman?our houses share a brick wall. Shit is like a damn microphone sometimes. I?m guessing your bathtub is right up against mine on opposite sides. Maybe it?s the tubs themselves?I don?t know. But if I?m in my tub and you?re in your bathroom?I can hear everything you say plain as day.?Had the lighting been sufficient, Megan would have seen all color drain from Annie?s face in a flash of a heartbeat.?Oh fuck?were?you?in the tub?earlier???Relax, I could care less, Annie,? Megan said. ?You wanna know why I was in my tub? Huh? ?Cause you told him to go take a bath. I got naked and I got in my tub just the other side of the wall from him and I was fingering the shit out of myself fantasizing about him being on the other side of the wall jerking off to me.??Oh fuck, Megan!? Suddenly she couldn?t breathe.?Hey, chill out?I said I could care less,? the fat blonde reiterated. ?I just wet my fucking panties today when you told me he was spying on me. Do you know how long it?s been since a boy spied on me? NEVER! I was never the pretty girl, ya?know? My husband ain?t all that, but he was the first man to ever have anything to do with me. I married him right out of High School. Do you know how many men I?ve had sex with? Two. And the first one does not count.??What?why? Was he that bad???He was my cousin, that?s why,? she popped back. ?Long story, don?t ask?try to forget about it as best I can.? ?So?so you heard everything???Up till you left for the bedroom with him. And I assume that?s where you went ?cause I could hear bed springs squeaking for quite a while there.??Oh shit, I had no idea you could hear us that well.??Yeah, well you never hear me back ?cause I?m never doing anything worth listening to.?A silence fell between them for a few moments before the blonde finally spoke again.?I have to ask?like a few questions??cause it?s killing me, okay. And you don?t have to answer?but?okay?so was that like the first time ever? I mean with him?in there??Annie sighed.?I don?t know what came over me. I just?I haven?t?in so damn long?and then I had to bathe him?and?it was there and it?s big and fat and long and?I had my hands on it. And the next thing I know I?m waking up next to him.? ?Wow. Okay so that leads to my next question. Are you gonna keep doing that with him???I don?t know?HEY! I?m not sure that I should--??Oh whoa, no don?t take that the wrong way!? Megan cut her off. ?I didn?t mean that I thought it was wrong or nothing. I asked because?okay?I was listening and it was just so?so?I mean I couldn?t see it, but I could hear it all and it was better than the most nastiest porno I have ever watched in my life.??Oh shit?so you were over there getting off to it???Fuck yeah, I was, bitch!? she snapped back with a chuckle. ?I feel better tonight than I?ve felt in months.?Annie sat there worrying about the fact that this woman knew she?d had sex with Steven. A fact, that in and of itself could not only cost her her marriage, but also land her in jail for a long time. This woman that she didn?t know hardly at all?this fat ass bitch that could very easily just blackmail the shit out of her if it struck her to do so. She remembered her dream?the bed?Megan fucking Steven. It had gotten her off. And admittedly, sitting here in the half-lit patio, seeing the woman?s gargantuan titties fully naked for the first time, she couldn?t complain that she didn?t enjoy the view.Ever since she?d been a young girl, she?d dreamed of having huge titties?and despite being a confirmed dick lover, she?d always been turned on just a bit by another woman?s big rack. And Megan was no exception. She realized now why Steven had cracked an arm trying to get a view of them. She was fat, but her tits were dreamy.It was then that an idea came together in her mind. Megan couldn?t rat her out if she was up in it as deep as her. And she doubted it would take much to prod her or Steven either one, into fucking. ?I feel so dirty,? Annie commented. ?I?m his stepmom, ya?know? And he?s only ten! And he?s got no clue what he?s even doing. I just got fired up over his dick. And then there was just something super hot about being so bad.??I have never done anything more nasty than walk on my patio naked,? Megan countered. ?I am sexually fucking repressed and my husband is hung like a fucking gerbil.? There was her hole. Dropped right into her lap.?You want to see it???See what???HIM!??What are you talking about??Annie smirked. ?He spied on you?so why can?t you spy on him???Because I?d prefer not to break my arm,? Megan replied with a snort of mirth.Annie looked back at the fence that separated their two patios. Six feet high and tightly spaced boards.?You ever seen a glory hole???A what??Annie snickered now. ?A glory hole?in a public bathroom? They drill a hole through the stall wall and a dude sticks his dick through it?and you don?t see him, you don?t know who he is?you just do whatever with the dick.??I thought that was just a gay thing,? Megan replied.?Well yeah, sort of?but?what if we drilled us a hole in that fence there and I made him stick his dick through it for you???HOLEE SHIT! What?are you fucking serious?!??You got a drill???Fuck yeah, I got me a drill?I got me a wide ass two inch bit too. I mean?is?well like how big is it?!???I?m sure he can get it through a two inch hole. You go get your drill and cut the hole about this high,? and she motioned about the height of Steven?s hips.?Like right now???Yeah, I?m gonna go wake him up?get him to come downstairs with me?maybe come out here, and then maybe mess with him about spying on you. I can spot the hole and tell him you probably drilled it to spy on him with and that like?I?ll dare him to stick his dick through the hole and shoot some juice over onto your patio. He won?t know you?re over there and you can just watch him do it.??Why?why would you do that???Honestly??Megan nodded.?I feel bad for you. I mean I know you been depressed and all and like you said, you?re kinda neglected sexually even worse than me.? She hesitated, hoping to gauge whether she was laying it on too thick or not. She also hoped the woman didn?t think she was setting her up for a pity fuck that might insult her. ?And let?s face it, he?s way harder up for you than me. He?s been snooping on you and he hasn?t had shit for me till tonight. I honestly think I was just a target of opportunity more or less. But you?you, he?s in lust for. And tell me you don?t wanna see his cock???How big is it, really???He?s got seven long, easy?and?and maybe two wide, I?m not sure. I can?t wrap my hand all the way around it.??No shit???My husband has nine, sweetheart,? Annie added with a diabolical smirk.?You suck twice as hard now,? the fat woman blurted back to her. ?Though apparently you suck pretty good too, from what I hear.??Megan,? she started, ?he?s a toy. I can?t have a relationship with him and once my husband gets back or his mom comes home, then he?s no longer an option. So I?m just gonna play with him, dammit.??Are you gonna get off to this???The truth? Yeah, I?m pretty sure I am,? she admitted.?I don?t wanna borrow him for no pity sex,? she said. ?I don?t need leftovers. I?m not that pathetic?yet!? she added with a snort of mirth.?I wouldn?t share him with anybody else. But you kinda already know what?s going on?and?you have?the most awesome rack of tits ever.??WHUT?!? Megan looked stunned. ?Bitch, are you fucking like?I mean?do you go both ways or what???I don?t really know. I?ve just always obsessed over huge titties. And bitch, you?ve got some massive momma-jammas there.??44E?s,? she announced with a smirk. ?I was a 38D when my husband left three months ago. I had to gain forty five fucking pounds to get?em?but I got?em.??What? Wait?you?you didn?t?I mean you haven?t been getting fat because of being depressed?? Now it was Annie who looked shocked.?What? Nooo?no, I just. Well I know I?m not all that great looking, but I always had nice tits, right? So after he left, I just started kinda snacking and shit, and the first place I notice the blubber is in my titties. And I was like, no fucking way! So I pigged out a little more?and a little more and then I hit like 200 pounds and all of sudden my belly starts overtaking the tits for size and I got a little paranoid, but then I did a video chat with my husband and he told me he thought I still looked hot?hotter actually, so then I?m like?well what the fuck?! So I started just eating whatever the hell I wanted?and now I?m two thirty and my tits are starting to push out of my E-bra.??So you?you been running around with no bra all this time because you just like having big flopping ass titties???Bitch, I don?t even put on clothes unless I have to leave my house. I stay naked 24/7 most days.??So you got fat on purpose???Yeah, so what???Wow?that?s just badass is all,? Annie professed.?You?re getting pretty big yourself,? the blonde commented, pointing at Annie?s own bare rack d****d atop her mammoth pregnant belly.?All at once a few weeks back?like around six months, I noticed my bra getting tight. I?m about to have to get a D-cup.??You know?if you quit being a boney-maroney and ate a few cookies, you might make it into a double DD or bigger by the time you deliver.??Fuck, ya?think??Megan stood up and started for the gate.?Oh I imagine?but if you?ll pardon me?I?m off to find my drill and bits.?Annie shook Steven enough to wake him up and then waited for him to wipe his eyes and sit up.?What?s wrong?? he asked, still looking groggy.?Oh nothing much,? she replied with a smirk. ?I woke up and went downstairs?and I noticed something I figured you might think was interesting.??What???C?mon and look for yourself,? she insisted as she turned, still naked, and headed for the door.?Ow!? he grunted as he started to get up from the bed.?You okay?? she asked, turning to check on him.He was rubbing his hand with the cast on it.?Yeah, I think I just pissed it off earlier?ya?know?when we were?on the bed here,? he explained.When he?d been on top, he?d used his broken arm quite a lot in both fondling her belly and legs as well as for holding himself up.?Sorry?you take it easy with that thing,? she told him, pointing at it.?Yeah,? he agreed as he planted his feet on the floor and began walking towards her. His dick was still swollen from their sexcapades earlier and with each step, it swung from side to side, slapping the tops of his thighs.?Holee shit, your dick is ridiculous,? she commented off-handedly as he stepped past her into the hall.?That?s a good thing, right?? he asked, a sleepy grin creasing his lips.Downstairs, she led him out to the patio. To her surprise, he said nothing about stepping outside naked, and followed her quietly until she stopped at the fence and pointed to the two inch wide, perfectly circular hole now present in it.?I think somebody made you a peep hole,? she asserted, pointing at the circular opening. ?Probably scared you?d kill yourself next time,? she added with a snort of humor.?Well it?s kind of big for a peep hole, huh?? he commented more than asked as he bent down and looked through the hole.She knew Megan was inside her house, just out of sight, with her glass doors open so that she could hear them talking. Annie laughed.?Maybe it?s not your eyeball she wants sticking through it!?He stood up and stared at her blankly. ?What do you mean by that??She rolled her eyes and sighed.?Hello, you already said the hole was really big, did you not? I mean c?mon?two plus two and whatnot.?He smiled as understanding finally dawned on him.Bending down, he looked through the hole again and then stood up. Without her prompting, he then stepped up to the opening and poked his penis through it. To her amusement, it barely fit.?I?m gonna laugh when you get a splinter,? she stated with a grin, ?or when she pops out and grabs it.??It?s what?like three in the morning???You don?t know?maybe she likes to lay in wait for horny little boys. That might be just what she drilled that hole for!?On the far side of the fence, Megan had quietly emerged from her house and was stealthily stepping closer to the wooden wall where a fat cock dangled through the opening she?d drilled.Oh crap! I can?t believe he?s doing that!She moved closer until she was directly in front of it. To alleviate suspicion, and her silhouette, she?d turned out her living room lights and had gone upstairs and turned on her bedroom light. So now the light that brightened her patio came from above?and while dim, was still plenty to illuminate the dangling genital that penetrated her fence.She knelt down and closed the distance between herself and it to mere inches. She had to almost physically fight the urge to reach out and touch it.It?s attached to a ten year old boy! A fact, that while repeated in her head over and over, did little to help her beat down the urges coursing through her body.?Enjoying yourself there?? Annie asked him. ?Y?know there?s a lot better places to stick that thing than through a fence.?He laughed out loud and pulled himself back out of the hole.Annie stepped up to him and leaned down into his face. ?Maybe you should leave your calling card?let her know you found her hole, huh??He looked confused.She rolled her eyes and sighed again.?Beat off through that hole?shoot her some goo through it. She finds her fence crusty in the morning it might get her off,? she explained to him with a smirk.She looked down and noticed he was getting hard.Bracing herself against the fence, she knelt down onto the cold concrete and grabbed his dick.Megan peered through the hole and watched as Annie began to suck the boy?s cock. Almost instantly, she had one hand between her legs, rubbing and penetrating herself as she watched her neighbor committing oral sex no more than a foot away from her.Oh yeah?suck that fat fucker, she thought in her head as she observed the lewd display. I really wish she would make him jerk it off through this hole!After a few minutes of oral stimulation, Annie pulled him from her mouth and tugged his erection toward the hole in the fence. She poked the head through the opening proceeded to jerk him off.?Spread your legs,? she told him and as he complied, she placed her left, free hand on his boney ass. Slowly and carefully she inched her way into his butt crack.?What are you doing?? he bluntly asked once he realized she was up to something.?Don?t freak out,? she said. ?I do this to your father all the time. I stick my finger in it and press your prostate a little and it makes you cum harder,? she explained.He grimaced but didn?t protest. But he did make an odd grunt or two as she pressed her finger into his asshole.?Okay, this is really weird,? he finally commented.?Oh be quiet and relax,? she demanded. ?I want you to leave a big fucking mess for her. Something she can?t miss.?That said, she started jerking him faster and harder until he began to moan and squirm.?You got it bad for her big titties, don?t you?? she prodded him. ?Or is just because she?s fat? You like you some fatties, Steven?hmmm???Ahhh,? he blurted and began to buck between her hands, his hips jerking spastically. ?Oh you little freak,? she spouted. ?Is that it? You just like you some fatties, huh? You probably only like me ?cause I got this big?ole pregnant belly huh? I got your number, Mister! You be love?in some big, jiggly titties and fat asses! That?s so fuck?in hot! And I bet you Megan would just cream herself if she could see you jerking off right now!?The boy was all but hip-humping her hand so hard that it was banging against the fence by this point and she knew he was about to shoot off. With careful precision, she pressed forward with her left index finger?the one burrowed into his asshole.?Oh baby, cum for that fat bitch?show her how much you want her fat ass! Show her how much cum you got for her and those big, bouncing titties!?Steven erupted all at once.On the opposite side of the fence, Megan clamped her mouth to prevent gasping or muttering as the boy?s erection dove further and further into the opening. She could hear Annie verbally urging him and she knew he was about to go off. The question now as whether she should move or not. Part of her was yelling that if she moved and just watched, then it was no worse than watching a live porn movie and might not be technically cheating on her husband. But another part of her was still screaming for her to touch it and now that same part was demanding that she remain perfectly still and let him erupt all over her.She cupped her titties and began to massage them roughly. From where his dick was, she knew if he went off, his semen would shoot out directly onto her chest. And she wanted it too. She wanted it badly. Her husband quite often would jerk it onto her titties, but this was different?this was hotter, somehow.??show her how much cum you got for her and those big, bouncing titties!?The boy suddenly surged forward, ramming his cock all the way through the hole in the fence?its full seven inch length stretching through the barricade and reaching out toward Megan. A massive blurp of cum exploded from the tip and splattered the skin between her titties. Then a quick series of eruptions occurred so fast that she couldn?t react or respond, but in the aftermath she realized her chest was nearly covered in sticky semen which she began to rub all over herself.Steven was panting loudly, apparently leaning into the fence, his now drooping cock still fully crammed through the hole.As she rubbed the slimy mess across her tits, she was overcome with the urge to again, grab his cock.?Wow?thanks, studmuffin,? she said loud enough for him to hear.?Aahhh!? he blurted and attempted to pull out of the hole, but his dick was swollen so much that it hung.?Calm down, doofus,? Annie said from the other side of the fence. ?We planned this,? she explained to him. ?Hold still before you rip your fucking dick off, damn!?Megan could tell now that Annie was trying to help him wiggle his penis free, but it wasn?t sliding out as easily as it could have.?Umm, Megan babe,? Annie called out. ?I think maybe you should have drilled a bigger hole. You got any Vaseline over there or something we can lube him up with???Oh I got something,? she replied. ?It?s all over my titties though.??Did you?You did, didn?t you??!??Oh hell yeah, I did,? she agreed. ?And oh no, it?s terrible! Now I?ve got this big, fat, floppy penis stuck dangling through my fence. I don?t know about you, but I think this hole was the perfect size. I like this hole.??Miss Megan, I?m sorry, I?m sorry!? he blurted excitedly as he tried again to pull his dick out of the fence hole.?Sugar, don?t apologize. That?s what I drilled this hole for in the first place. Your step-momma ain?t the only one who?s impressed with this monster.?About that point, she could no longer resist the urge to touch it, and with shaking, nervous, cum smeared hands, she reached out and grasped it. Almost by reflex, she began tugging on it, trying to work him into erection again.?What are you doing over there?? he blurted again.?Oh just trying to help you get it loose,? she lied.?Oh are you now?? Annie asked with a definite tone of sarcasm.Annie knew the woman was touching his dick, and yet somehow it didn?t seem to bother her. In fact, it was arousing her. She was trying to picture the naked woman on the other side of the fence with jizz smeared all over her titties?jerking on his flaccid cock through the hole.She stepped up behind the boy and pressed her pregnant belly into his back and gently nudged him forward against the fence.?I don?t think it?s gonna come loose until the swelling goes down. Maybe you should try lubing it up with some Vaseline or some KY or something,? she asserted. ?Sure wouldn?t want to make it swell up any fatter.??Oh nooo?that?d just be terrible,? the fat blonde called back from the other side of the fence. ?I mean what would I do with a fat cock sticking through my fence all the time???Perv! Go get some jelly and help me get him out,? Annie fussed at her humorously. ?Get him off???Out!? she popped back sarcastically. ?He?s already got off?probably all over you, didn?t he???I?m not complaining,? she replied. ?But I honestly don?t think I?ve got anything over here other than some butter maybe?or cooking oil. Would that burn???I got some KY upstairs?hold on and I?ll go get it,? she informed her. Stepping back some, she patted the boy on the shoulder and then said, ?Sorry to freak you out. Me and her were talking earlier down here and it was just too good not to pull it on you. Are you mad??He twisted his head around to look at her and just gawked blankly as if he didn?t know what to say.?Don?t freak, we?ll get you out of the hole. Damn, maybe you didn?t have such a fat ass dick, this wouldn?t have happened, huh?? Annie added with a mischievous smile. ?Hang on, I?ll be back in a second or two.??So?so you wanted me to do this?? Steven asked once Annie disappeared inside the house.Megan giggled from the other side of the fence.?Yeah, honey?I did,? she confessed. ?Annie told me you fell today trying to sneak a peek at me?and then I heard you and her through the bathroom wall later on after that. And then she came out onto the patio a little while ago and me and her started talking about you. You ain?t mad, are you? I mean this is just awesome,? she added, reaching up to stroke his dick with both hands again. ?Baby, you can some see me naked anytime you want as long as you bring this thing with you.??Sorry I was peeping at you,? he apologized.?I?m just sorry that was all you was doing,? she replied with a girlish giggle as she continued to squeeze and knead his flaccid and swollen penis.?What do you mean?? he inquired nervously.?Sugar,? she began. ?Boys with dicks this big, don?t need to peep. You wanna see a woman get naked, all you need to do is whip this fat bastard out and show them. Trust me on that.??Do you want to have sex with me?? he asked, even more nervously than his previous question.The question took her off guard, and she wasn?t sure what to answer. Annie was still upstairs, she could see the light on and the woman?s silhouette through the window shade. She squeezed his cock tightly and began to jerk him off before she responded.?I don?t know if Annie is okay with it, but I will fuck your balls off if I get the chance,? she stated with not the slightest fraction of hesitation.?That feels good,? he commented in response to her pumping his limp dick. Suddenly the end of his penis felt warm and wet and he knew instantly she?d sucked it into her mouth. She was working his cock much like Annie had done in the tub earlier?and it felt amazing.?Oh crap?oh?man,? he muttered. ?Are you sucking it?? he asked, already sure of the answer but wanting to hear it. The only response he got though, was the slurping noises and sensation of her tongue curling and slithering around his penile head and glans.At some point, Annie returned with a tube of KY jelly and she froze, standing stark still in the open glass doors.?Hey, slut?what are you doing?? she called out, not really sounding too perturbed. When she got no response, she stepped up behind Steven again and pressed her huge pregnant belly into his back and nudged him forward against the fence once more. ?Is she sucking your fat cock, boy??He nodded and began to grunt somewhat?his hips bucking and bumping against the fence.?Shit?are you fixing to cum again?? she whispered in his ear. He nodded vigorously in response.?Hey bitch?you ?bout to get a mouth full over there,? she called out through the fence to the fat blonde.?Oh no I?m not,? Megan replied as she popped her mouth off of his dick. Leaning back she realized he had a full blown erection once more. ?I?m not wasting this one,? she added.?What are you up to?? Annie asked with an air of both curiosity and suspicion.?Oh, nothing,? she lied as she turned her back to the fence and squatted her flabby ass against the wood?and the boy?s erection. Leaning forward, she spread her thighs and wiggled until she managed to direct the tip of his dick against her swollen and dripping vaginal lips. ?OH HOLEE SHIT!!? she bellowed as she pressed back against the fence wall and pressed him inside of her. ?OH FUCK, fuck, fuck!??HEY! KEEP IT DOWN, DUMMY!? Annie barked at her from the other side of the fence. ?We got other neighbors you know!??Oh I know it?I just don?t care right now,? she replied as she began bouncing back and forth against the fence, using him like a stationary dildo. She had both hands braced on her knees, so as she leaned forward, her immense tits hung downward between her thighs and with each bounce against the fence, they warbled and dangled. Her fat belly was squished beneath them and it was making it difficult for her to breathe, but she was damned if she was going to stop what she?d begun.I may pass out and die in a minute, but I?m gonna go out with a smile on my face, dammit!Annie could tell the woman had mounted him from the other side of the fence. The slapping noise and motion told her that, even if the moans the fat bitch was making, didn?t! Again, she felt as if she should be jealous, but she wasn?t. At least now the woman wouldn?t be able to rat her out for fucking the boy without giving up herself as well.She was astonished to realize just how easy it had been to coax the woman into fucking him. And it was somehow hot as hell! Her dream about Megan fucking him was coming true?right now?as she stood behind him and watched. The only regret she was having was that she couldn?t see the other woman.?Are you taking birth control, bitch, ?cause you gonna end up with a pussy load in a minute,? she asked, warning her of her impending predicament.?I want him to,? the fat woman muttered back in between grunts and moans.?She wants you to cum in her, Steven. Did you hear that? I think maybe she might want you to get her pregnant. Imagine how big her titties would be then, huh?? she whispered to him lowly but loud enough that she knew Megan could probably hear her too. ?Fuck her fat pussy and make her pregnant for me. C?mon boy, dump a load in her fat pussy for me. I wanna see how big her fucking titties get when her belly?s as big and round as mine is!?The boy?s balls had to be running on empty by this point. He?d jettisoned spooge three maybe four times now in less than eight hours so she knew damned well he was going to have trouble with this one.?I?m going over there and I?m gonna go play with her big, fat titties. You think about that,? she whispered to him quietly enough that only he could hear?then she stepped back and moved toward the back gate.Exhilaration drove her steps as she pushed the gate back closed and stepped into the dark alley behind the row of townhouses in which they all lived. Buck naked, she moved quickly down to Megan?s gate and tugged on it and was thrilled to find it was open.Megan looked up, startled by the sudden movement of her back gate. Her eyes were wide as saucers when Annie appeared in the opening and grinned voraciously. For a moment she thought maybe the woman was coming to kick her ass, but the look on her face told of a different intent.She said nothing, but continued to bounce against the fence as Annie stepped towards her and then dropped to her knees directly in front of her.?What?what are you--? she tried to ask amid pants, but Annie?s hands cut her short as they reached out and gripped her flailing mammaries.Annie leaned forward and kissed her?her tongue digging into her mouth and twisting around her own.?Oh fuck,? she gasped when their kiss broke. ?You?re so fucking fine,? she blurted.?I came for these,? Annie replied as she hefted her titties and nuzzled her face down into them?then began to suckle the left one like there was no tomorrow.?Fuck yeah?oh fuck, suck the bitches,? she gasped as she continued to ride Steven?s dick. ?Oh dammit?oh motherfucker, he?s cumming in me!!?Apparently just hearing the two women together had been enough to drag another ejaculation out of the boy.Megan pulled off of him and collapsed to the concrete on her knees. She leaned forward and Annie caught her and pulled her upright and the two of them began to paw at each other?fingers groping flesh of all types while their mouths found each other again and tongues began a slithering dance. It went on for minutes before they broke apart and Annie twisted to look back at the fence where poor Steven?s dangling and red, bloated cock hung, still stuck in the hole?semen dripping from its tip.She scooted towards it and grabbed it with her right hand and looked at Megan dead in the eyes as she bent it up and sucked it into her mouth.?Oh fuck?that?s so nasty,? the plumper cooed as she watched her pregnant cohort licking and sucking the cock that had just been inside of her. ?He just fucked me with that. Fuck, that?s so hot?you?re such a nasty bitch!??Hey?stuck in the fence here,? the boy called out from the other side of the wall.?Oh no, that?s just terrible,? Annie replied.Megan scooted toward her and leaned into his dangling cock and began to lick at it as well and for several moments they battled over his dick until they began to kiss and tongue each other again.?I?m so lonely, Annie?I need this. I really need this bad,? Megan stated in a raspy voice between their kisses.?Don?t tell on me and we can both have him,? she replied. ?We can just fuck the shit out of him whenever we want.??I wanna get pregnant so bad,? she blurted unintentionally.?I know you do,? Annie asserted. ?You want a big, round belly like me?and I bet you want those big, fat fucking titties full of milk, don?t you???Yes, oh fuck yes,? she admitted.?You want a son with a big, fat cock too, don?t you?? she asked, pressing her tongue back into the fatter woman?s mouth.?Whu???You should see my ultrasound,? Annie quipped between gulps and slobbery kisses. ?Where you think Steven got that cock from??Suddenly Annie?s hand was between her thick thighs and her fingers were pressing into her gaping cunt?and then they were inside of her and she was gasping in ecstasy.?OH FUCK, ANNIE! I want him to make me pregnant,? she blared without shame. ?Please let him do it, please let him keep cumming in me till I?m pregnant!???Hey?me?fence?stuck?c?mon, crap!? Steven muttered from the other side.Annie grasped his cock near the base and started slapping Megan in the side of the face with it?which made her giggle amid pants as Annie continued to penetrate her with her other hand.Megan suddenly gasped loudly and hot fluid sprayed Annie?s palm.?Oh you suck it?suck this fat cock?suck it, fat bitch, you suck that cock if you wanna get pregnant,? Annie asserted with an unexpected amount of dominance in her voice as she slapped his dong more forcefully in her face.Megan gasped and started moaning, but gobbled up his flaccid dick.?Oh fuck yes?you suck that cock?you suck MY cock, fattie?suck that bitch?you suck it for me,? Annie demanded. Annie was in control, in power and it felt good. She was getting off so much on this. Suddenly she was no longer just in control of Steven, but also in control of this new lover?a female lover?something that was altogether new for her.I can make her do anything I want to get this dick. She?s been so neglected sexually. She wants to get pregnant so badly. She?s going to be absolutely addicted to his cock, even worse than me. She?s never had a big dick before! I own her!She pulled her fingers from the woman?s pussy and began to lick them as she pulled Steven?s dick from Megan?s mouth and shook it at her like a giant, accusing finger.?You?re gonna get fatter,? she stated quite directly. ?I want me some bigger titties to play with. I want some massive titties to play with,? she asserted further. ?I think he likes your fat ass anyway,? she added with a wry smirk. ?He likes him some pudgy pussy?and I kinda think maybe I do to!??So why don?t you have a cookie yourself, bitch,? Megan countered. Her resistance seemed to enrage Annie?s sexual ire even more.?Why don?t you make me,? she said with a mouth that hung open and begged to be tongued.Megan saw the opportunity and took it, leaning forward and burying her tongue inside Annie?s mouth. They kissed lustily for several moments before finally parting again.?Oh I?m gonna. You?re not the only one that likes big tits,? Megan declared as grabbed Annie?s bloated tits and squeezed them so tightly that tiny bits of yellowish liquid bubbled out of her engorged nipples.?Oh shit,? Annie chirped as she leaned back against the fence and realized that Steven?s dick was semi-rigid. ?No fucking way?uh-uhh?you?re a fucking sex machine, you little turd!??What?? he blurted from the other side.?Your dick is getting hard again,? Megan informed him. Then asked, ?How many times has he gone tonight?? to Annie.?I?ve already lost count,? she whispered as she grasped his growing shaft and began to jerk on it. ?But as long as he keeps on sticking it up at me, I?m gonna keep on taking it.??Beat him off again?beat it hard and fast,? Megan begged her. ?Make it rain jizz on us.?The two women locked into a groping, finger-probing, mouth slobbering mass of tits and bellies as they both took turns jerking him off until after the longest time, he erupted onto them, spritzing them with what had to be the very bottom of his cum barrel.Splattered with cum, Megan pushed Annie onto her back on the concrete patio floor and pushed her legs up and apart. Before the pregnant woman had time to protest, she was burying her face into her gaping pussy.?OH FUCKING HELL!!? Annie shouted.Megan had never eat pussy before but she knew what she liked when her husband did it to her, so she applied that knowledge until Annie?s cunt shot hot juices down her chin and onto the concrete beneath them.On the other side of the fence, a desperate Steven, was using the goo on his dick to wiggle it free from the tight hole he had it crammed through. After stretching and straining, he finally managed to pop it out of the opening. Looking down at it, he marveled at how huge it was. Normally it dangled limp about four or five inches at most, but now it looked like it was hanging down six or more inches in length. And it was also swollen in girth to far more than two inches wide. Even squeezing, he couldn?t wrap his hand all the way around it. He didn?t know what the hell they?d done to him, but it had made his dick even bigger than already was. Something he imagined probably wasn?t a bad thing. It was probably just swollen and would eventually return to normal, but for the moment he felt like king of the world as he wiggled his hips and enjoyed the heavy slapping of his cock swinging between his thighs.In the last few hours, he?d lost his virginity and now, he was pretty sure he?d just been part of a threesome of some nature. Oh how much more awesome it would have been had he been able to see them going at it. They?d used his dick like a toy?but somehow that was okay with him. He didn?t mind at all.And had he heard them right? Were they talking smack about getting fatter? Growing bigger titties? That was simply outrageous. Had he known his big dick could instigate all this, he?d have whipped out a lot sooner than this. Apparently breaking his stupid arm hadn?t been such a terrible thing after all.And while Annie was hot, he was still intrigued by Megan. He?d watched these last few months as her body grew fatter and fatter?her tits getting larger and larger. He longed to bury his face in them. He got hard just watching her walk around with her unbound jugs jostling beneath whatever too small shirt she was wearing. And most recently her fat gut was starting to bulge over her waistbands and when she wore too short shirts, and let it hang out bare, it reminded him of a big tit as it jiggled with every step she took. And let?s not forget how tight her shorts were with her fat ass bulging against the seams constantly. A week before, she?d come out of her house wearing a pair of cut-off jeans that would have put Daisy Duke to shame?so high were the leg holes that the bottom hunks of her ass cheeks were hanging out and jiggling. She literally had ass rolls bubbling out of the denim. He?d popped wood so hard that he thought his pants were going to explode.He wasn?t sure that he had a thing for fat women necessarily, but the idea of watching them grow and change made him woo. Especially when it came to their tits, though after watching both Annie and Megan?s bellies expanding, he had to admit he was enamored with tummies too. And with these two talking on the other side of the fence about getting pregnant and fatter, he was so excited he couldn?t stand it.Dropping to his knees, he stared through the hole where his dick had been stuck and nearly fainted from the sight that he observed. Lying on her back, was Annie, her pregnant belly pointing high into the sky, while Megan nuzzled between her legs, her mouth squarely buried in his stepmother?s pussy.He badly wanted to climb the fence and fuck them both, but his dick was beyond uncooperative at this point. His balls ached so bad he was near the point of seeking out an icepack for them. So sadly and disappointedly, he turned and trudged back into the house, heading for the kitchen to find himself some ice for both his balls and his scratched up cock.Sunlight peeped across the top of the fence and danced across Annie?s face, rousing her from sleep. She jerked awake and sat up?or tried to. Her movement woke Megan who?d been sleeping across her thighs, her arms wrapped around her pregnant belly.?Sorry?didn?t mean to startle you,? she said quietly as the fat woman rose up and smiled at her.?Damn?we musta passed clean out, huh???Yeah?helluva a night, huh?? she concurred as she boldly stared at the other woman?s massive E-cups. She reached out and groped one just because she could.?Oh crap no?I need a shower and a toothbrush,? Megan asserted, lightly pawing Annie?s hand off of her. ?And what the fuck happened to studmuffin?? she asked, glancing up at the fence hole that was now vacant.?Shit, guess I better go check on him,? Annie stated as she struggled to get up from the hard concrete. ?Damn, it?s daylight,? she muttered, as she realized she?d came over in the dark without clothes on.Megan laughed. ?Be wild, woman?do it! Can?t be more than six anyway?nobody awake yet.??Bitch, you just wanna watch my pregnant ass run through the alley, don?t you??Megan laughed again. ?It?s not a fine of a sight as watching me! All you got going on is flopping titties. When I run naked, every fucking thing on me bounces. I look like somebody tied bags of jello to me.?In the daylight now, Annie could appraise her nude body much better, and despite her recent weight gain, Megan had not a stretch mark on her?nor did she really display any quantity of cellulite, even in her ass. For a fatty, she was nicely sculpted and clear skinned. ?I might like to see that sometime,? she posited with a smirk and giggle. ?But I gotta go. I?ll?ummm?pester you later, okay???Hey,? Megan blurted, stopping her as she reached the gate. ?Was this a one time thing or what??Annie smiled.?Oh hell no, honey?hell no. Go get you a box of cookies. I?m gonna go make sure our walking dildo is still functioning and devoid of splinters.?Megan grinned, exuding happiness?her face nearly glowing. ?Thank you.??Don?t thank me, sister,? Annie stated. ?It?s him I think we need to thank.??Last night,? Megan began, her smile drooping, ?I?well we, actually?were shitting about me getting pregnant by him. Umm, were you just talking--?Annie shook her head side to side and Megan?s smile rejuvenated. ?My husband will kill me,? Megan confessed. ?But fucking honestly, I?m not sure I really care. I love him, but he just doesn?t do anything for me in that regard.??My husband is a fucking ball swinging stud, babe and I am still caught up in?in whatever that was going on last night. So don?t feel alone in that particular boat.??Is it wrong that I think I?m turned on by it because he?s a boy?? Megan asked with a slight blush coloring her cheeks. ?It makes me feel naughty and bad and I don?t know what else to say but that it makes my pussy ache.??I?m his stepmother. At least you got no connection to him.??I know?but honestly I think that makes it all the more nastier to me. That and the fact that you?re pregnant. I mean?okay?lewd fantasy, but I think it would be hot if he jerked off all over your belly.??If he?s got any balls left, we might have to check that out,? Annie agreed. ?Speaking of?I?ll catch you later and we can figure out what we wanna do next.?Annie disappeared out the gate and a few moments later Megan heard her shut the glass patio doors.Alone now, she stood naked in the sunlight and realized she might should retreat into her house, because the second floor windows of all the houses around her could easily see down into her patio.As she stepped into her house, she realized her vagina was sore and swollen. Never in her life had she had such a dick in her. Hell, her husband had been the only man she?d slept with until now?and despite her feelings for him, her deviant desires for this ten year old boy was far more overwhelming than any guilt she felt about cheating and so she knew right then and there, that she would undoubtedly end up ruining her marriage, especially if she did manage to come up pregnant by the boy. And the sad part was that she honestly didn?t care. The dick was that fucking good.To be continued???
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