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Cum Taste

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Cum TasteWell this is a true story of how I became a cum eating husband with my wife Kay. To have a better understanding I should start from when we started dating. I was 18 and it was during the Christmas holiday season when we had our first date, Kay was 19 and had been chasing me for months when I agreed to go out and party with her and a couple of mutual friends. Little did I know the night would end with a quick fuck, and her giving me a blowjob in my car, and like most men would agree there is nothing like a good fuck and blowjob. The only problem was shortly after Kay went down on me she stopped to tell me I better not cum in her mouth because she had let her ex boyfriend cum in her mouth, and she didn't like the taste of cum, and not wanting it to stop I agreed to let her know when I was about to cum so she was able to pull off my cock, and finish me with her hand.Well things went on this way for the next year getting blowjobs any time I wanted, but she would always pull off when I would tell her I was ready to cum. Now don't get me wrong she gave a great blowjob with a lot of passion in wanting to get me off, but there was always something missing, I wanted to blow my cum in her mouth, but I also wanted her, to want to let me cum in her mouth, but every time we talked about it Kay would tell me she thought it should be saved for after we were married, well like most guys I took the bait, and we were married within six months.I would like to tell you things changed after we married, but it didn't, I would ask Kay to let me cum in her mouth, and she kept refusing, and even went so far to say if I tricked her by not letting her know when I was ready to cum there would be no more blowjobs. this continued for the next two years, and one k** later until we took a trip to Florida to visit her mother and father. She was so happy during the trip, and thankful for seeing her parents that when we were changing into our swim suits for a dip in the hot tub she got down on here knees and started to suck my cock with great passion, and as always when I was ready to cum I warned her, but this time she didn't stop, she kept sucking until I let loose a massive load of cum in her mouth, and it was great until she ran off to the attached bath and proceeded to spit it out in the sink while washing her mouth out like it was poison. When she returned to the bedroom she proceeded to tell me that would never happen again, so as you could imagine I went for what I thought was the greatest moment to the worst moment of our sex life.Well this went on for another year, with me begging her to let me cum in her mouth when she would blow me but she continued to refuse. She continued to pull off and let me cum on her tits or any part of her body except her face, I guess that was just to close to her mouth for her.Well it finally got to the point where it was making me feel like she didn't care about my sexual needs, and was starting to put some stress on our relationship, me wanting it so bad, and her feeling pressured every time we had sex.Things continued on for a little while longer, when I was at the point where I became more bold with my request to cum in her mouth, I finally told her if she wasn't going to taste my cum then I would be tasting it from now on. She looked at me and couldn't believe what she had just heard come out of my mouth, I thought it would make her feel like she had deprived me of what I really wanted, but to my surprise she went down on me and gave me a great blowjob, but when I warned her I was ready to cum she again pulled off and I unloaded all over her tits, she made a special point to make sure her nipples were the main target for my cum. When I had finished Kay looked at me and said here you go big boy, it's time for you to lick your cum off my titties, well it wasn't what I expected from her. I tried to back peddle a little but she shoved her big 36C tits in my face. The amount of cum I unloaded on Kay's tits was a larger then my normal load, and I had no choice but to do what I said I would do, so I started to lick and suck on her nipples, and to my surprise the smell, taste and texture of my cum was fantastic, I continued to lick my cum from her tits until there was no more cum left. My second surprise was while I was eating my cum off her tits she was playing with her pussy and had an earth shattering orgasm. She was so happy with what had just happened she pulled me to her and kissed me with an open mouth. I'm sure there was some left over cum in my mouth, and on my face but it was the hottest sexual moment we had ever had.When we had both cooled down, Kay told how hot that was for her, and I better be serious about what I had said telling her if she wouldn't eat my cum then I would be eating it every time we had sex. She went on to say during the time I was sucking and cleaning my cum from her tits, she was thinking about other way to feed me my cum. I couldn't wait for what she might have in mind.This was the start of a new era in our sex life, we continued to have sex 3 to 4 times a week, with every time ending in me eating my cum, some times from her body or eating her cum filled pussy, Kay would even jack me off and feed it to me from her hands, I think she felt very much in charge when she did that. My cum eating continued to progress to the point where she would ask me to jack off in front of her, and then ask me to lick my cum off my hand when I was done. The up side was, I was really enjoying this and so was Kay, she would always kiss me when I would eat my cum, and many times we would swap it back and forth to each others mouth until it all gone. I was even able to get her to suck me off and then give it back to me in a cum kiss, but what was the hottest for me was to fuck her, cum in her pussy, and then have her on top of me in a 69 position sucking my cock while I cleaned her cum filled pussy, and while eating my cum from her pussy she would suck me off, and when she had a mouth full of cum she would spin around and drop it all in my mouth with a great open mouth kiss, and I would swallow all my cum.Well it has been ten years since Kay taught me to willingly swallowed my cum, and now I'm currently a real cum slut, I love my cum so much I will beg her to let me cum and I just can't seem to ever get enough of my own cum.So to all the woman, and men out there don't deny yourself the pleasure of some good cum eating sex. I have never had the the opportunity to suck off a cock, and get a mouth full of cum that way, but I have thought about trying to be open enough to be in a three some and let the other guy fuck her, and let me eat her pussy after he fills it with cum, or have me suck the guy off in front of her and share his cum with her.
04-07-2021, at 02:22 PM

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