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Computer Girl BBC (Part3)

Post #1

Computer Girl BBC (Part3)My story continues with me working in the IT Dept. of a distribution firm, Shane has returned to his home office in California over a month ago. I still think back to those 4 days of Fucking, It was so good I didn't care what happened I would deal with it later.Things with the system were going relatively well but some problems came up that had to be dealt with not to get technical but some issues had to do with hardware and to make a long story short the company sent me to the home office in California for a week to clean up some of the problems. I'm still not 100% sure it wasn't Shane just wanting me there so e could use me the way he did here! In any case because of the cost of the flight I would leave on Saturday morning and return the next . I arrived in L.A. about 11am and Shane was there to pick me up the weather was fantastic as we drove to my hotel. We arrived there I checked in and Shane helped me with my bags, once in the room he dropped the bags I turned to him and started kissing him hard. MAN I missed you I said. He started removing my clothes very fast and before I knew it we were on the bed naked with his Massive Cock in my mouth, we got into a 69 position with him on top fucking my mouth while he licked my pussy till I came and Squirted all over his face. I had not squirted like that since college with an old boyfriend, my husband had never gotten me to do it! He lapped it up like a dog and fucked my mouth harder now, I started to gag as his cock started going down my throat then he started cumming, he came hard and with his usual big load, I managed to swallow most of it but I'm not sure if it wasn't just forced down my throat by the thrust of his orgasm. Once we regained our senses he lay there naked holding each other his hands were all over my body and it felt so good. After about 20 mins I grabbed his dick and started stroking it, I forgot just how big this man was and still couldn't believe I was taking it all inside me! After a few minutes of this I turned to him and said PLEASE FUCK ME! I need your cock inside me, I lay there on my back legs spread he crawled up between them and started easing his dick into my wet cunt. OHHHHHHH Fuck it feels SOOOOOOO Good! Once he eased it all the way in I asked him to FUCK me nice and slow I want to feel all of you inside me. He pumped my pussy slow I was in Heaven I could feel this Massive Cock sliding in and out my juices were flowing full stream so lubrication was not a problem. This went on for quite a while then I guess Shane couldn't take it anymore, he picked up the pace but still giving me his full length faster and faster he went then things got harder he came down on top of me and kept on fucking my pussy, he started grunting and I could feel he was ready to cum. I cried out come on give me you cum I want to feel you deep inside me, with that he started to cum, I could feel his man juice flowing into my HOT CUNT! He pumped faster till he was spent and rolled off me. I lay there with his cum flowing out of my hole I told him I never met a man that came so much he had the biggest loads I've ever seen or felt. Shane said he had to get going he had things to get done, he said I have a treat for you later I'll be back around 6pm. After he left I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing enjoying being alone no k**s or husband.I showered and got ready for Shane's return. Around 6 there was a knock on the door when I opened it there was Shane and another Big Black Man, I wasn't sure what was going on but they came into the room and he introduced him as his buddy Steve. He was at least 6.2 and very muscular build I would guess around 25 years old. Shane brought a bottle of Vodka and made us all a drink, after a few drinks and some small talk I was starting to get a little drunk thinking in the back of my mind is this really happening, I'm in a Hotel room in California with 2 young black men what was going to happen. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came out both of them were sitting on the bed with their cocks out of their pants, I was in shock and really didn't know if I should go through with this or get them to leave. Shane spoke up and said Lindsay come here I brought you a treat, I moved towards the bed to find that Steve was even bigger than Shane he was about 12" long with the same girth. I was feeling tipsy and horny so what do I do! I got on my knees and started sucking both of them off. I grabbed Steve's dick with 2 hands and pumped it while I sucked it, didn't take long he was unloading his cum into my mouth I swallowed it all down. Shane turned to him and said I told you she a HOT LITTLE SLUT! This threw me for a loop, Shane never disrespected me before but to tell you the truth I Loved it turned me on I was about to be used by these 2 Hot Black Guys. They both got up and undressed me threw me onto the bed Shane grabbed me put me onto my and knees Steve then started fingering my cunt and had what felt like is whole hand up there I was sooooo WET now bent over waiting for him to Fuck me. Steve put his dick in the opening of my hole and started sliding into me, MAN I was losing control Shane was spreading my ass and legs to help him in then before I knew it he full length was completely inside my womb! I was feeling so full again Shane says told you buddy this Slut can really take dick, he started fucking me slow at first then picked up the pace, Shane was holding me I started to cum and when I did I lost all control my entire body felt like Jello, Steve pulled out of me in one fast motion and I almost dropped to the bed, Shane put 2 finger in my cunt and scooped out some of my juice then Steve started slamming my hole with the biggest cock I've ever had. Shane took my juice and spread it on my ASS HOLE, he fingered my ass all while egging Steve on saying things like come on buddy Slam that Cunt fuck the dirty whore, before I knew it He started cumming I could feel his warm juice flowing inside me the last few thrusts were short and hard my Phat Ass was shaking with ever slam! He pulled out and we all lay there for a few minutes, I looked and Shane was laying there with his cock hard and standing straight up wanted more and got up to ride his cock I grabbed it and fed it into my eager hole till I was sitting on him again Lindsay was Full of BBC! I rode it fast and hard while he played with my tits. All of a sudden the phone rang it was my husband I told them to be quiet and I picked it up. What a sensation talking to my husband while sitting on the BBC! I could barely keep up the conversation and he asked me what was wrong I just said sorry just woke up and wasn't totally with it, I asked him if everything was OK he said ya I said OK I'll talk to U later! Once the phone was hung up I returned to ridding Shane, I could feel Steve behind me slapping and massaging my Big Ass He said MAN you weren't k**ding she's got a BIG HOT ASS, he started slapping it harder and harder I could feel it heating up. Then while ridding Shane Steve grabbed my hips and lifted me off Shane's cock scooped out some juice form my cunt and said OK get back on the cock you slut! Shane grabbed be and brought me down on top of him now my ass was up and Steve was smearing my hole with the juices he retrieved from my cunt. As lost as I was in the moment I got scared as I could feel his cock in the opening of my ASSHOLE, Shane just kept holding me down on top of him wile his dick was inside me I looked into his eyes and said please take it easy I don't want to be torn apart, No Worries Baby! things will be OK! With that Steve started easing his tool into my ASS, it hurt like hell but after a while it started easing and the pain turned to pleasure I was now full of Black Cock in my Cunt and ASS! WOW again I lost all control the 2 of them slammed my holes I thought I would pass out as I came harder than I ever came before The edge must have been off because they fucked me for what seemed like an hour, I was yelling FUCK ME FUCK ME you FUCKING NIGGERS! This drove them over the edge they both started cumming together in my ASS and CUNT! Steve pulled out and I rolled off Shane HOLY SHIT! you fucking guys are going to kill me! I lay there with their cum flowing out of my holes my entire body limp. They stayed for a few more hours we drank some more and they fucked me every way they could. I woke up Sunday morning very Sore, cum flowing out of both my holes but Happy! I could barely walk and spent the entire day in bed recuperating. Shane came over later we took it very easy that night! The rest of the week Shane spent most nights with me in my room needless to say we fucked lots, Steve even showed up a couple more nights. I've never felt like this with anyone before. I left a week later on the Saturday Shane drove me to the airport and we said goodbye. What happened over the next weeks changed my life forever. My husband and I had been trying to have another c***d and I was now pregnant. I had NO IDEA who the father was it could be anyone of the 3 men. I came clean with my husband, he did not take it well and filed for divorce he got the k**s plus I had to pay him support. Things at work were no better the company found out about my indiscretions and fired me. I had the baby and it was black so either Steve or Shane was the father. I called Shane to let him know and he was not very nice about it. He told me too fucking bad you're a fucking sleazy slut to stay away form him and never call again. So here I was now a single mother of a black baby working a job that pays 1/3 of what I was making I actually started placing adds in escort sections of websites and started fucking for money to making ends meat to support me and my daughter. I think back now was it really worth it?
04-07-2021, at 02:22 PM

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