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Amanda's First Time

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Amanda's First TimeI lied to my dad and told him that I was going to stay at my girlfriend's house. I had plans that night. My boyfriend's parents were out of town and it was our joint 18th birthday. It was stupid, but we reveled in the fact we were exactly the same age.Get full story here: and I had been dating through all of high school, and about a year and a half ago we almost had sex for the first time. We decided against it, but that we would on our 18th birthday. We were both virgins, and we were desperately and anxiously awaiting this day.Countless times we were making out and into some seriously heavy petting, but we always backed off. It was painful for me. I could only imagine the blue balls he had gotten.The extent of our plan was for me to go to his house, and go from there. I arrived at 5 that evening to dinner and a movie with a few friends. We couldn't enjoy his parent's absence all by ourselves. Our friends had a good idea what was in store for us later that night, and very politely left at a decent hour. Looking back it could have been because we weren't really hanging out with them. We were sucking on each other's faces in the oversized recliner in the corner of the living room."Amanda, do you want to go to my room now?"I had been there countless times before, but this time I had butterflies in my stomach. They were trying to make me lose the dinner I had eaten earlier. "Sure! Let me go to the bathroom on the way."As I sat on the toilet (not actually having to use it,) I thought about the impending loss of my virginity. It was a stupid idea because I started to get scared. I heard that when your hymen is broken it hurts REALLY badly.Mustering all the courage I could I walked into his room. He was sitting on his bed looking like he did almost always: 6'0", spiked dirty blonde hair, shirtless showing off his crooked 6 pack (a fact I constantly teased him for,) and wearing those surfer board shorts.My body complimented his well. At 5'9", I fit perfectly under his arm when he d****d it around me. My light brown hair brushed my shoulders that sloped down to my perky and perfect (he told me they were) 'C' cup breasts. I had a flat stomach, but I didn't like the idea of girls with better abs than most men so I didn't push it working out.I crawled into the bed next to him and he asked me what he should put on the TV. I told him that it didn't matter because we were just going to be making out anyway so he put on the speed channel. He also set the timer for an hour, just in case we fell asleep?hahaha yeah right.Within minutes of turning off the lights and turning the TV on, my mouth was on his. Even though I was terrified, I wanted this so bad. I knew he did too. My mind wandered away from my fear and all my senses were directed to him. The way he smelled, the way it felt when his breath tickled my shoulder as he laid kisses across it, the slightly salty taste of the skin of his chest, the sounds of his heart starting to beat faster with every passing moment, and the way the soft glow of the tv made him look amazingly sexy.He was rubbing his hands over my breasts on top of my shirt, and I wished the dammed thing wasn't there. His thumb gazed my nipple and 2 things happened at once: I moaned and I started to get uncomfortably wet in my panties.My finger stroked across the hem of his pant line where he was super sensitive and sometimes the head of his cock could be found. Tonight it wasn't there so I went searching. I moved down the front of his shorts and found a tented arc and rubbed him from tip to base through the layers of clothing. "Amanda.. nngh... you know what that does to me.""Yes Matt, I want this. We both do."Without any warning he lifted my torso and pulled off my shirt and bra in one swift motion, exposing my very hard nipples to his face and fingers. He sucked one of them into his mouth, teasing it ever so gently with his tounge, and rubbed the back of his fingers across the other in the way he knew drove me wild.The maneuver that got my shirt off also placed him in between my stretchy pant covered legs. He ground his throbbing cock against my sex. Dry humping was a thing we were very good at. He could make me cum without actually touching my pussy, and I knew this was his goal right now.I ran my finger nails down the sides of his stomach to signal him to come back to me. I wanted to continue to explore his mouth with my tongue while he made the pressure build in my groin.When the TV turned off he said "I have a surprise for you," and he reached behind me to turn a light switch on a cord. The room illuminated with the dull glow of a black light.I looked at him and his skin looked so sexy and super tanned. My skin did too. His hands continued exploring my chest and my hands dared to dart into his pants. I wanted to feel his cock in my fingers. I ran my index finger from base to tip of his arc, and he froze while I did. When I reached the tip of his overly hard erection he shivered, and I knew he didn't want to wait much longer.I untied and started to push down his pants until my arms couldn't reach anymore, and then my feet took over the job. He kicked out of his shorts and he was completely naked laying on top of me. I grabbed his beautiful manhood, and stroked it gently to save his release for when we were joined.He fell to the side of me so that he could explore me as well. With deft fingers he delved into my center with one finger, and pulled it back out across my clit. "Oh my god Amanda! You are so wet! I want you so bad. I've always wanted this day. Are you sure you're ready?""I love you Matt. I'm sure I'm ready." He pulled at my waistband on his knees beside me, slowly removing the only covering I had left. My legs were already quivering in anticipation, and I wanted so badly for the first pain to be over so I could enjoy it.Now fully naked he positioned himself back between my legs. His painfully hard dick waited at my entrance. He looked into my eyes and I realized that neither of us really knew what to do, so I grabbed him and ran his cockhead through my soaking and wanting slit until he was positioned just right at the beginning of my virgin canal. "Push just a little bit Matt. I want to see what it feels like."He very slowly pushed his head into my sex. "OHHHH MY GOD AMANDA! I don't know if I can hold out for very long or at all!"It didn't hurt at all to this point and I was ready to take the risk. "I want you the rest of the way in. It doesn't hurt so far."No sooner than I finished the sentence he pushed a bit, but seemed to hit a serious wall. "Amanda, Its too tight. I don't know if I can.""Matt seriously, I have to have you all the way in me... now! Just push as hard as you can."A flash of white hot searing pain raced through my entire body, and I thought for a minute he had damaged me. "DON'T MOVE! It hurts so bad." I wrapped my legs around him to keep him still and try to dull the pain.He was so amazing, he held still buried deep within the silky confines of my newly lost virginity. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want him to move at all. It seemed that he read my distress and started circling his hips above me. He wasn't moving in or out, but he was rubbing his groin into my super sensitive clit."NGHH! Matt! That's perfect! Keep doing that! Oh my god... I... think.... I'm.... going... to... cum...." My orgasm exploded around his intruding member, and at some point he had started moving in and out of me again.My orgasm was still in full swing, and my pussy muscles were milking on his cock for all they were worth. He was really hanging in there. "Oh baby, I need to cum. Keep cumming so we can cum together."His words and the first ropes of his seed sent me right back over the edge of sanity into another level of mind blowing blissful orgasms. My hips bucked up to his to take in as much of him and instinctively get his seed as deep as possible.The last rope of his cum splattered across the back walls of my sex and the opening to my womb. We were starting to come down from our high, and he rested his head on my chest both of us breathing heavily.He kept his softening member inside of me as long as he could until it finally slid out on a combination of both of our fluids with a quiet 'plop,'We fell asleep that night stroking each other's skin and basking in the afterglow of our long awaited union. We spent the rest of senior year as an inseparable entity, but college tore us apart. I never regretted losing my virginity to Matt. I loved him and still do to this day. I couldn't have made a better choice.
04-07-2021, at 02:22 PM

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