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Walk on the Beach

Post #1

Walk on the BeachWe strolled along the beach, carrying our shoes and taking our time to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian sunset and the warm breeze coming off the ocean. We had lingered over a fine dinner with a couple of glasses of wine and some sensual talk. We both enjoyed beach time and this was a wonderful way to end what had already been a perfect day. We held hands as we walked, not needing to say anything. The sensuous mood was there and we knew where each others mind was lingering. As the sun sank lower, the breeze cooled some and I noticed that her nipples were beginning to notice the cooler temperature by stiffening under her white tank top. I also noticed a few goose bumps on her curvy legs beneath her cutoff denim shorts. I let go of her hand and snaked my arm around her waist to pull her closer. We lock-stepped and kept walking, feeling close and intimately comfortable with each other. She put her arm around my waist too and tucked her hand into my back pocket. I squeezed her and she twitched her hand in my pocket, sending a shiver through me and causing my cock to suddenly pay attention. I raised my hand and brushed the side of her breast with my fingertips. She pulled her hand out of my pocket and used her other hand to remove my arm from around her. She made me take her hand again but we kept walking. I wondered if I had ruined the mood but I was soon to discover I hadn?t.Now that I was paying attention to the beach again, I realized we had walked quite a ways from the hotels and we were actually in a very secluded area, far away from any prying eyes. This set my mind to thinking what we could get away with in this semi-public place. It wasn?t fully dark yet and I was able to see there were some rocks down close to the waterline. I steered her towards them. We got to them and we dropped our shoes alongside the rock to have our hands free. I sat on one while I urged her to sit between my legs on the sand. She did and we stared to sea for a while, my hands on her shoulders and her arms d****d over my legs. She leaned back against my crotch and I felt her hair against me. I leaned down and smelled her hair, which usually smelled of strawberries, as it did now. As I did that, she put her hand behind my head and kept me there for a few moments longer. When she released me I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head back so I could kiss her. As our lips met, I felt a little spark like an electric shock. As usual, we were charged for each other. Through half-closed eyes, I saw her chest begin to rise and fall more quickly. As I continued to kiss her, I placed one hand gently on the nearest breast and cupped it. I massaged it while she moved under my hand. I love her breasts as I have no others. They fill my hands so well, and feel so good I find it hard to keep my hands off them. She usually doesn?t wear a bra, so that makes it easier to indulge myself in that pastime. Fortunately she enjoys my attention to them and seldom keeps me away, and this time was no exception. I could feel it swell under my hand and the nipple made its presence more known too. She moaned lightly into my mouth. Her nails were lightly scr****g my legs through my jeans. I pressed my lips to hers a little harder to show her my passion was rising. She returned the pressure and I felt one of her hands over my hand on her breast, pressing it harder too. Breaking for air, I kept up the caresses. She reached for my other hand and pressed it to her other breast. My cock was paying close attention to the action now and she must have felt it against her back. But she was enjoying what I was doing and let me keep at it. The waves lapped close to the rock but we paid no attention. We were too engrossed in each other.I felt her move and remove my hands from her chest. She rose to her knees and turned to face me. She raised her mouth to mine again and we kissed once more. It was a short kiss, but full of promise. Then I felt her hands on my fly. There was a moment of coolness as I felt my cock hit the cooling air, then that feeling was replaced by a warm, wet set of lips. She began to make love to my cock with her mouth. She is very good at oral sex and tonight it seemed like she was vying for some kind of x-rated award for best cocksucker in the islands. She would take it deep, then encompass only the tip, all the while swirling her tongue around it like an ice cream cone. Then she would go deep once again, deep enough that I could feel myself in her throat. I groaned in pleasure as she enjoyed herself at my expense. My cock responded by swelling to amazing proportions. She began mouth fucking me and I lay my head back and focused on the feeling. She cupped my balls while her mouth worked my completely stiff shaft. I could feel my climax approaching and I thought it prudent to let her know, even though she is experienced enough with me to know without a word. ?Oh, babe, I?m going to come if you aren?t careful. And I?m pretty close right now.? She took her mouth off long me enough to say, ?I can tell and I want you to. Come in my mouth and let me taste all of you. Please baby, do that for me? Even as she was speaking, her hand was still busy on my cock, keeping me near the boiling point. Then her mouth was back, along with her hand and my passions boiled over after just a few more moments. I grabbed her head and let loose a load that might have raised the level of the ocean an inch or so, had she not sucked every drop down and moaned as she swallowed it all. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It took a while for me to stop pulsing and she made sure she didn?t miss a drop. I was fortunate I was sitting on the rock because if I had been standing, I?m sure I would have fallen over, so great was the pleasure. I heard her smacking her lips and saw her smiling as she licked them clean.She stood and began removing her shorts. As I watched with growing interest, she skinned them down her long legs and dropped them on the sand. She was not wearing any panties, not even one of her favorite thongs. I grinned at her and stood up. Taking her by the waist, I turned both of us and sat her on the rock where I had been. Dropping to my knees between her long, gorgeous legs, I kissed her fully on the pussy. She squealed in delight, leaned back and threw her legs over my shoulders. Holding her thighs firmly, I ran my tongue over her labia up to her clit. The smooth skin became very moist, then wet, as I did this again and again. I sucked on her clit and ran my tongue in circles over it. I slipped a finger into her and stroked her G-spot as I worked her clit over. My other hand found a breast and grasped it firmly. I could hear her breathing fast and hard over the rush of the water on the sand. I increased my efforts to please her as she had pleased me. I made my movements on her faster and more urgent. I could feel her tensing and her legs began shaking as she moved closer and closer to her climax. She was straining to get there. I sucked her clit between my lips and bit it gently. That did it. She went over the edge. She cried out her pleasure and shivered and shook all over my face and hand. Her legs gripped my head so hard I thought she might crush my skull. She?s a runner and has very strong legs. That was also the reason they looked so good. In a few moments, she finished quivering and lay back, temporarily out of breath. I took the opportunity to kiss her pussy once again, kiss both her breasts, then I picked her up and lay her on the sand by the rock. I nestled myself between her thighs and felt the heat from her pussy all over my groin. She spread her legs and allowed me full access, which promptly took advantage of.With no further foreplay, I held my once-again-stiff cock at her entrance and drove it full depth into her steamy, wet pussy. I felt my pubic hair contact her clean shaven mound and heard her gasp. We were both so turned on by this beach encounter we didn?t care who might see or hear us. I felt her legs wrap around me as she pulled me as close as she could. I was buried balls-deep into her and I wanted to go deeper. I began pounding myself into her, urging us to higher and higher levels of excitement. She responded by arching her back and slamming her hips into mine with every stroke. We were so turned on it was as if we were trying to hurt each other in our passion. But we were lost deeply in that passion and, at least at the moment, we didn?t feel any pain, only extreme pleasure. That pleasure was reaching higher and higher the longer we kept at it. ?Oh baby, you are making me so hot. I love you being so deep in me. I can feel you hitting bottom and I love it. Harder, harder!? Her voice drove me to greater plateaus of enjoyment. I drove harder and deeper. Without warning, I felt her grab my shoulders and roll me over. We stayed fully engaged through this maneuver so she ended up on top of me but I was still buried deep inside her. She braced her hands on my shoulders and began riding me like a well broken-in stud. She went up and down, top to bottom, side to side. I was nearly delirious with pleasure as I felt sure she was. Then she cried out, ?Oh baby, I?m coming, I?m coming. Oh God, Ohhhhhhh?? Now I can keep my control pretty well in most situations but when my honey starts coming, I lose any semblance of that control. I began thrashing about myself, wanting nothing more than to experience this pleasure forever. I spouted what must have been gallons of come into her spasming, clenching pussy. And that set her off on a new round of orgasms. She must have come three or four times before I stopped. She finally dropped herself to lie against my chest, her breath coming hard and deep. I too was out of breath, having come so long and hard. As we let our hearts slow from their pounding rhythm, I held her close and felt her relax against me, now wanting the closeness we enjoyed on a daily basis, with or without sex. She dug her hands into the sand to grasp me and hold me too.Then our tender moment was interrupted by a cold wave that came up on the beach and broke over our overheated bodies. We both screamed in shock and surprise. We hadn?t been paying attention to the tide and it had come in enough to put us below the waterline. Our clothes had drifted a ways out down the beach toward the water before we could gather them all up. We must have been a sight, walking back up the beach in completely wet and wrinkled clothes, laughing like idiots and holding each other close through it all. We never did find our shoes.
04-06-2021, at 11:39 PM

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