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A levitated starfish with her arms and legs splayed taunt by the tight ropes that held her, Megan hung suspended from the ceiling of her Master's playroom. She was nude except for a black leather blindfold. A matching harness held a vibrating phallus inside her pussy and a large plug in her butt.

She didn't know how long she'd been in this position. Long enough for her arms and shoulders to ache. Long enough for her to lose track of time. Long enough for her arousal to build and grow inside her.

Somewhere in front of her she could hear the measured breathing of her Master. He held a small remote that controlled both the vibrator and the plug, and as she hung he manipulated her pleasure. He knew just when to increase or decrease the speed of the vibrator to build her tension but deny her the release she craved, and he had been keeping her constantly on the brink since he had strapped the harness on her. He turned the vibrator up as high as it would go, pulling a low moan from deep inside her as shivers of excitement burrowed through her body. Maybe this time he would permit her an orgasm. Maybe this time he would grant her a small measure of release from the exquisite torture she was enduring.

His chair creaked above the steady buzzing of the phallus and she heard his soft steps as he paced around her. He touched a button on his control and the plug inside her ass expanded. She Betturkey shrieked in blissful pain and tears welled in her eyes as it stretched her tender sphincter. He walked around her. Silent, maybe brooding, maybe smiling, she had no way of knowing. Something cold and metallic touched her nipple instantly arousing her sensitive flesh and sending a sweet chill of lurid anticipation down her spine. He slid the object over her nipple, down under the full swell of her heavy breast and then back up, softly tracing a wide circle around her areola, reveling in the low moans and ragged breaths his touch produced in her.

He drew the object away from her briefly, and then she felt it snap down onto her erect nipple. Delicious pain shot through her breast, momentarily distracting her from the building ache of her shoulders and arms. He roughly grabbed her other breast, his patience gone, and squeezed her nipple harshly. The agony was exquisite, pulsing through her body and centering her focus on her breasts. A second clamp was roughly applied to her other nipple.

She could feel a chain hanging between her breasts and gasped when he lifted and pulled it. He yanked the chain forcefully, and she screamed with the sharp sensation, and felt tears spill from her eyes. She cried out again as he continued to pull the chain, weeping and moaning at the same time. The objects deep inside her were pushing her toward climax Betturkey Giriş and the sharpness at her breasts was intensifying the pace.

She wanted release, needed to feel her orgasm explode through her. Almost there, she felt her pussy begin to clinch around the vibrating phallus, squeezing it tightly. She grunted hoarsely, and then began to wail as her body tensed, sending searing jolts of pain through her exhausted muscles. She spasmed against her bonds, tears streaming down her face, wetting her cheeks and running salty rivulets into her gasping mouth. Finally her head drooped forward and she grew quiet. Her orgasm left her drained, but the ropes still held her limp body suspended, chest forward, with the chain dangling from her nipples and swinging in front of her.

He switched the vibrator off. Waiting for her quivering body to recover slightly, he circled her, admiring her form, her stamina. Not many could endure what she could. Even fewer would willingly, wantonly, submit to it. But she loved the pain, fed on it as he fed on her need for it. He gently lifted the chain suspended between the harsh clamps on her nipples.

She knew what was coming, dreading it even as she prayed for it. She could hear the small clicks as he attached weights to the chain. Would he lower them gently, slowly increasing the stress on her tender nipples? Or would he drop them suddenly, eliciting sharp, intense agony?

He chose the latter. She screamed shrilly as the weights fell, threatening to rip her nipples from her sensitive breasts. Before she could recover she felt a harsh stinging slap across the bare flesh of her ass. The leather strap fell against her butt again, hard enough to cause her to swing forward. The weights attached to her nipples bobbed with her movement and refreshed the agony in her breasts. Again and again the strap fell, streaking her butt with red and filling her body with fire. Again and again, the strap struck and the weights bounced . She screamed. A new sensation joined the pain as another orgasm sparked and grew between her legs. Her Master sensed her helpless spin into orgasm, and flicked both buttons on his remote. The dildo in her pussy again began to vibrate even as the plug in her butt expanded.

She screamed a primal throaty growl of lust and shook with climatic delight as the pain and the pleasure became singular inside her. The sensations overwhelmed her and she convulsed, her eyes rolling back in her head. No longer in control of herself she howled like a wild beast, venting her desire even as it wracked her spirit. Finally spent, she collapsed in her bonds, feeling herself float free from the pain and pleasure.

Megan awoke lying on soft silk sheets in a large bed. Her Master was sitting close, , watching her lovingly. As her eyes fluttered open he took her in his arms, holding her tenderly, and kissed her deeply. She returned his kiss, her love flowing up from the dark depths of her soul.

"I love you," he told her gently. "You are mine."

"Yes." A simple reply, from her heart to his.
06-09-2024, at 10:52 PM

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