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A Sisterly Surprise

Post #1

A Sisterly SurpriseAt just over six and a half feet, Jared Williams had been widely recruited by a lot of major universities. With dark brown hair, near emerald green eyes and a build that turned a lot of women's heads, Jared knew he was an attractive looking guy. And as such, he could have dated just about any girl he'd set his mind to. If Jared had one flaw however, it was that he was extremely shy, innocent beyond words. Nearing twenty years of age in just a couple of month's Jared was still a virgin, something his older sister Charlene, though he called her by a shorter version of her name, often teased him about, especially as he had women fawning all over him during high school.Jared and "Char" had always been close. Close enough in their ages that they had and shared much in common. Something of a 'tomboy' herself, Char had been the type of woman to actively participate in many of the same sports as Jared had, including their weekend gathers to play touch-football with several additional friends. It had been very difficult for Jared to see his sister move out of their parents house, taking an apartment of her own closer to the university. He had truly missed their late-night chats, some of which had gotten fairly personal in nature. Jared had always been comfortable discussing such things, though only with his sister, particularly after the breakup of his parent's marriage when he'd grown even closer to his sister than he'd been before.He'd recently received a letter from her telling him how excited she was that he'd be coming to stay with her for a week while looking over the campus. Char had enjoyed her freshman year there, urging him to come take a look for himself. Jared was interested, but the truth was, he was actually looking forward to spending time with Charlene even more than finding out about the available programs and courses he'd be taking. Jared had also learned from her that Char had taken on a roommate, something he wasn't too surprised to hear about. But admittedly, he found himself minorly irritated that he might have to share space as well as his sister's time with whoever her roommate was. Still, he was looking forward to their visit and catching up on old times.Jared found the address easily enough, a ground floor apartment that was less than a block away from the University itself, easily within walking distance. Char met him at the door before he'd even had a chance to knock, announcing his arrival."Holy shit!" Jared exclaimed upon seeing her. The first thing he noticed was that she had cut her beautiful long dark hair. It was now actually shorter than his was. Char could have easily been a model if that had ever been her desire. At six feet herself with long tapered legs along with the looks to go with it, she could have easily done so, and had been approached several times in fact about modeling. The second thing he noticed however was the short mid-riff cut tee shirt she was wearing that allowed the bottom-half of her breasts to peek tantalizingly beneath. Not enormously large breasted by any means, Char still had more than enough to flaunt whenever she chose to do so, and apparently was doing so now even though it was her own brother who was staring at her."Hey L.B., you like?" Charlene ran her fingers through her much shorter hair, the bottom half of her tee exposing even more roundness as she did that. "Saves on getting ready in the morning," she added stepping away from the door so Jared could squeeze by her. He was smiling; it had been a while since he'd heard her call him by the nickname she'd given him. L.B. stood for "Little brother", which is the way she often introduced him to her friends. "Wait until you meet Amy!" Charlene stated excitedly. "I think you'll really like her, and she's interested in meeting you too!" she added.Jared sat his bag down next to the couch giving the rather roomy apartment a quick look over. "I'm sure I will," he said offhandedly. "But I hope that we'll have some time to ourselves to catch up on things too," he finished hopefully. Charlene laughed."Don't worry Little brother," she said using the more formal version of his nickname, which is something she always did when she knew he was being serious. "We'll have plenty of time just to ourselves, but I think you'll enjoy spending some time here with Amy too! I think you'll come to like her just as much as I did upon meeting her. Now, let me show you to your room!"Jared followed his sister down the hall. "One thing, we all share a bathroom," she advised him. "And the doors don't lock," she grinned warning him. "I'll remember to knock first," he promised. "Only two bedrooms? Am I kicking Amy out of her room?" he asked worriedly. Char laughed."Actually no. Amy didn't even have a bed set when she moved in here. But since my bed is enormous, we decided to share the one bedroom especially since it's twice the size of the one you're in. So no, you didn't create any problems coming to visit us." Char quickly showed him the room which now had a small, but comfortable looking futon that he'd be using to sleep on. He also noticed there was a nice sized TV set along one wall. "Usually, one of us uses this room to watch TV or read while the other is studying, unless we both are of course," she chuckled. "Which is usually most of the time these days."Char gave him a quick brief tour of the kitchen, which included a cozy little dining area as well, along with a back porch and patio that had a nice high fence surrounding it."As you can see, plenty of privacy. Both Amy and I enjoy laying out in the nude, so this is perfect for us to do that," she grinned almost too playfully at him. "You trying to tell me something?" Jared quipped seeing the look on his sister's face."Well, like I said. I think you might enjoy having Amy around. She hardly ever wears much of anything after she gets home, which is why I thought I might better warn you. Your being here probably won't change much in the way she acts, especially as she knows you're my brother. So just be advised, you're apt to see quite a bit of Amy over the course of the week!" Char punched Jared hard in the ribs, taking him by surprise causing him to lose his breath momentarily. One thing about his sister, she never held anything back, including a jab like that one whenever she was in the mood to roughhouse, which is also something else he had missed being away from her."So what's on the agenda for this evening then?" he asked."Well, Amy should be home anytime now. I thought we'd order up some pizza get to know one another a little better, then later on, you and I can spend sometime to ourselves catching up on things." "Sounds good!""In the meantime, why don't you go ahead and unpack, get settled in, take a shower if you want to. By then Amy should be here."Char didn't bother asking him what he liked on his pizza. The same thing she did, pineapple and ham. "Got any beer?" he asked."A refrigerator full," she told him. "Help yourself.""Right after I shower," he smiled heading inside his room to unpack. He'd even begun to undress when he noticed his sister was still standing inside the doorway. "Forget something?"She was grinning. "Only how much I really have missed you," she stated stepping into the room. Before he realized what was even happening, Char moved in closer to him, kissing him fully on the lips. They had kissed before of course, but Char had never kissed him as fiercely as she did then. Breaking away, she stepped back, laughed as the color exploded into Jared's cheeks."What the hell was that?" he asked nearly out of breath."Just my way of telling you how much I do love you and have missed you Little brother." Char turned before Jared could say or do anything else, disappearing down the hallway back towards the living room.It only took a few minutes for Jared to put away the few belongings he'd brought along with him. Entering the bath, he took a moment to ensure the connecting door to his sister's room was at least closed before removing his shorts, stepping into the shower, which was already running.Jared had been in the shower for only a couple of minutes when he thought he heard voices coming from elsewhere inside the house. "Hmm, Amy must be home," he thought to himself. "I'd better hurry!" He'd just started to rinse the soap from his hair when he felt the presence of someone enter the shower. Even with soap still dangerously close to his eyes, he opened them."Hi, I'm Amy!" Amy said extending out her hand to him in greeting. She was naked, though he politely took her hand shaking it, trying to avert his eyes though now very much aware of his own nakedness. Without so much as even batting an eyelash, Amy reached over him turning on the second shower nozzle. The tub was certainly large enough to accommodate the two of them, obviously so by the additional shower faucet which Amy now stepped beneath standing by Jared's side. "Nice isn't it?" she asked.He wasn't sure how to answer that. Nice that he was showering with a woman he'd barely even met. Sure, that was nice. Something he'd never done before. But she was attractive too, making him even more awkwardly aware of his own situation, which he'd soon have to make tracks to conceal before it became even more obvious. Amy was considerably shorter than he was, perhaps no more than five, five, perhaps five six at best. She had light brown shoulder length hair with an olive complexion, dark brown eyes and almost too bright white sparkling teeth when she smiled at him. Bad enough to be drawn to all that, but her breasts stood perkily before him, each capped with magnificent light brown nipples that stood hard, erect, and inviting."Ah... very," he stammered rinsing his hair wildly now in an effort to make a quick exit."You don't have to rush on my account," Amy pleaded. "Relax Jared. I don't bite...unless I want to," she added with a seductive tease. "But I don't know you well enough yet to do that, for now anyway," she teased again enjoying his obvious discomfort. Which she made worse by glancing down towards his rapidly stiffening erection. "Hmm," she almost purred actually reaching out to fondle him. "Would you like me to wash this for you?"Flustered, Jared pulled away forcing her to release him. "Ah, no thanks. Already did that," he continued to stammer stepping out of the shower, reaching for and finding the nearest towel available to him."Pizza should be here in about twenty," Amy went on acting as though nothing were wrong. "You like pineapple and ham too yes?""Yes," he confirmed, wrapping his towel around himself heading back into his own room without even bothering to finish drying himself off first."See you in a few then!" Amy giggled, pulling the shower curtain apart long enough to smile and wink at him as Jared darted back into his own room. Minutes later, he was joining his sister in the kitchen."I presume you met Amy?" Charlene laughed. All Jared could do was nod his head in bewilderment."I guess you could say that," he told her. "Interesting character.""You don't know the half of it," Charlene hinted without saying any more. "Don't say I didn't warn you.""Well you could have warned me a little better," Jared shot back. "I kinda figured I might accidentally bump into her here and there, something like that. But I certainly didn't expect for her to join me in the shower the first time we ever met either!" "See? I knew you'd like her!" Charlene said ignoring his comment. Jared shrugged, he knew better than to fence words with his sister."Pizza?""Just arrived," Char said pointing towards the counter. "Grab us each a beer from the fridge," she told him as she took down some paper plates from the cupboard. "Then go tell Amy dinners ready.""No way," Jared said grabbing the beers placing them on the table. "You do it." Charlene giggled."Whatsamatter Jared? Afraid of a little flesh?"Jared was half tempted to shake up his beer and point it at her. Something he'd have done in times past. "A little flesh no, but shit Char, she was naked!""So?"Jared just glared at his sister."What? She not your type? Or do you even have a type yet?"The problem resolved itself before Jared felt compelled to answer as Amy waltzed into the dining room. "Got one for me?" she asked grinning at Jared knowing full well she'd been the topic of conversation. And to make matters worse, all she was wearing was a pair of very skimpy cotton briefs. Once again Jared found himself trying to avert his eyes from her breasts as he handed over one of the open beers."Better get used to it," Char told him as she brushed by to grab a slice of pizza. "Either that, or its going to be a long hard week for you!" she teased allowing her hand to drop casually down just barely caressing his groin as she passed by him. Jared jumped attempting to dodge out of her way before she could embarrass him even further, but Amy had caught the not so subtle inference."He really is a virgin isn't he?" Once again Jared glared towards his sister, but this time he spoke."God damn it Charlene! How many people have you told anyway?" In spite of her brother's obvious discomfort and anger, she laughed."Just the one's that might be interested in helping you out with that if you're ever interested yourself! Now come on, lighten up Little brother, or it really is going to be a long week!"They soon sat down at the kitchen table sharing their pizza and beer together. And in spite of Amy's bare breasts, which Jared stole occasional glances towards, he soon found himself thinking less and less about her tits, and began to enjoy the girls company. By the time they'd finished off the pizza and several bottles of beer, Amy announced she needed to finish up one of her class papers, giving Char and Jared some needed time alone. "Lets go back to your room," she coaxed him. "Then we can catch up on everything that's been happening!"They spent the next couple of hours doing just that until Amy peeked her head in through the door. "Headed to bed, you going to be coming soon?""God...I hope so!" Char said easily. Jared assumed that his sister was tired. "Hey, we've got plenty of time, tomorrows Saturday anyway, so we can just chat or spend the day however you'd like to," he informed her. "I'm a bit tired myself anyway, so probably should hit the sack too."Charlene gave him an affectionate sisterly kiss on the cheek as she stood up. "See you in the morning then L.B., sleep tight, sweet dreams. Though after today, you'll no doubt have some even sweeter dreams yes?"This time it was Jared's turn to take a swing at his sister, though she ducked easily out of the way disappearing through the doorway of his bedroom towards her own. He heard her laughter, followed moments later by Amy's as she joined her before the door to their bedroom closed, shutting off any additional chatter or giggles the girls might have shared.Jared stared down at his crotch, surprised to see an awakening of arousal. True, Amy had certainly ignited the flames earlier, but he'd found his sister's closeness and affection to be something he had truly missed. Even her playful kiss of affection had reawakened the longing of not being with her. Though it was now manifesting itself to him in a very disturbing way. Shaking it off, he soon undressed for bed, listening carefully as the girls took turns using the bathroom. Only when there had been a reasonable period of silence did Jared decide to venture into the bathroom and use it himself.He opened the bathroom door adjoining his own room and saw only darkness. He reached towards the wall fumbling for the light switch that he assumed would be nearby, but didn't locate it. About to step back into his own room and turn on his own room's light so he'd at least have something to see by, he then heard as well as saw a dim sliver of light emanating through what appeared to be a small crack in the door leading into his sister's bedroom. Obviously one of them had failed to close their side of the door completely. Padding barefoot across the floor, it was his intent to close the door as quietly as possible, then renew his search for the bathroom light. As he drew near however, his curiosity got the best of him as he heard what appeared to be crying at first coming from the girl's room. He cautiously pulled the door a tiny bit more open, thankful he could do so quietly, then peered in as the shaded light from a table lamp glowed softly in the darkness, just barely giving him the ability to see the two women who lay in bed together. It wasn't the sound of crying that he had heard however, but soft sensual moaning as he realized what was taking place inside the girl's bedroom."Oh god that feels good baby!" Charlene moaned. Jared was stunned! Before him lay his sister, her legs spread with Amy just as naked as she was, lying between them, obviously going down on her. "Oh yeah! Yeah! That's it! Lick it just like that baby! Just like that!"Jared continued to watch, watching as his sister reached up fondling her own breasts, tweaking her nipples with her fingers as Amy continued to purr into her pussy, doing whatever with her tongue to his sister's clit, though whatever it was, she was obviously enjoying it."I don't want to cum yet!" she announced a bare second later. "Let me lick you now!" she exclaimed, allowing Amy to sit up as they quickly exchanged positions. Mesmerized, Jared continued to spy on the two girls through the crack in the bathroom door. Twice tempted to retreat back into his room, but unable to do so even though one of the two women he was spying on was his own sister! But he was also struggling emotionally with the fact that his sister was into women! Something he'd never considered before, though had he looked more carefully at it, he'd have realized that the potential for that had been there all along.His prick had hardened a long time ago, and he found himself holding it within his hand as he stood there on his side of the door. Not exactly masturbating, he was however casually fondling himself to an even greater firmness, his excitement now overcoming his nervousness and guilt at spying on the two girls as they lay in bed playing with one another."So, what do you think your brothers going to say when he finds out you like pussy just as much as you like cock?" Amy asked."That's why I've never told him, thought I'd let him find out for himself," she answered. Jared watched as Amy rolled away from between Charlene's legs, catching a glimpse of his sister's widespread pussy before Amy slipped her hand down between them again, obviously fingering his sister's cunt. Which is when he noticed that both girls were looking in his direction towards the bathroom door."Heard enough yet Jared?" Charlene spoke loud enough that he couldn't have missed her direct challenge to him. Even so, he froze, prepared to back away as quietly and as quickly as possible in the event they weren't sure he really was standing there. "Oh come on L.B.! We both know you're there. We left the door open purposely so that if you did go into the bathroom, you'd hear us!"Obviously there was no way around it, he'd been caught, that or set up. Either of which confused and frightened him to some degree. He stepped cautiously into the room, though dropping his hands down in front of his obvious erection in some feeble attempt to cover himself, hiding his arousal.Amy was smiling. "It turn you on seeing me going down on your sister?" she asked as he slowly approached the end of the bed. Jared couldn't think of a single thing to say, his nervousness and uncertainty stealing any sensible thoughts.Though Amy was still smiling, Charlene did cast him a concerned sisterly look. "It's ok Jared, nothing to be afraid of. But I thought it might be a better way for you to find out about me," she told him worriedly."Well I certainly did that," he managed finding his voice. "How longs this been going on anyway?" he questioned further, surprised at his own boldness, though borne now out of curiosity as to how long his sister had been keeping this a secret from him."L.B., I've always had an interest in other women, far longer than you probably might even guess, then one day someone introduced me to the pleasure of another woman's tongue. I've been hooked ever since, but I still enjoy the feel of a nice hard cock fucking me too!" she added with a lascivious look.Jared still wasn't sure how to react, nor what he was really doing here in the first place, especially naked and even more so after his sister's admissions. Amy seemed to solve that however, patting the bed next to herself. "Come on Jared, relax. Lay down next to me," she prompted him. He did so, though turning slightly to keep his rock-hard erection from being too noticeable."He really is shy," Charlene grinned glancing down to where Jared's hand continued making some half-assed attempt to hide his erection. Amy followed her gaze, grinned herself, then promptly took his hand in hers moving it away."No need to hide it Jared. Besides, I want to play with it a little."He was still in a state of shock or would have reacted to the sudden contact of Amy's soft delicate hand upon his aching member. Instead, he merely groaned with the exquisite contact as she held him briefly before gingerly beginning to stroke his penis up and down."Like that?" she whispered seductively increasing the movement."Yes," Jared hissed unable to control the emotion he was now feeling. He closed his eyes, settled back against the bed. Though his sister was lying near him, that fact only increased his excitement and arousal, opposite of what he might have imagined. The fact she was taking all this with such an open-mindedness was typical of their conversations and how they had so openly discussed things with one another in the past. He was just thinking all this when the sensation of what his cock was feeling suddenly changed, doing so dramatically. Instead of Amy's hand, he felt her mouth suddenly surround him, the softness of her lips gently pulling on the bulbous head of his cock as she nipped, sucked, and tickled the head of his prick with her tongue."Oh god!" Jared moaned, his eyes feeling as though they were glued shut, afraid to open them as though doing so would cause her to stop, or worse, make him feel really embarrassed should he see his sister gazing at him while having his prick so wonderfully sucked by her roommate.So lost in the thrill and excitement of having his prick sucked on for the first time in his life, it took a moment for the reality of yet a second tongue joining the first to waken him from his revelry."What the fuck?"He tried sitting up, felt two sets of hands pushing against him. He could have easily done so anyway, his strength no match for either of the two women, even together. But at the moment, he was like Samson without his hair. He was able to open his eyes however, confirming what he already knew to be true. Charlene was busily lapping at his prick just as enthusiastically as Amy was."I've always wanted to do this Little brother," she lustily told him. "Just never had the courage, or the opportunity really, until now," she winked at him taking his cock deep within her mouth sucking it before he could find the strength or the words to reply.Shaking, Jared fought momentarily with his emotions. The feel of two tongues bathing his prick made it very difficult however, the sensations far too sweet to allow his guilt at one of those tongues being his sister's to cause him to do anything about it, at least for the moment.And not that he hadn't entertained similar thoughts himself. He had. Growing up as close as they had together had created a few interesting situations as he recalled them. He'd frequently masturbated after having stumbled into her dressing or undressing. Those images even now firmly tucked away within his memories. The times they had wrestled on the floor, the feel of her breasts pressed against him even though there had been no direct sexual contact, it had been there never-the-less. And of course their talks. Bold, uninhibited, open and honest about a wide variety of subjects. He recalled her once telling him that if the opportunity ever did occur, that she would indeed like to find out what it was like to be with another woman."You have no idea how often I thought about doing this L.B.," Charlene spoke bringing Jared back to the present."You have?""Hell yes! And especially that time I caught you masturbating with a pair of my panties!""You did?" Amy stated jumping in. "When was that?" Charlene laughed though Jared was on the verge of bolting back into his own bedroom."Just shortly before I moved out. I'd been doing my laundry getting everything cleaned one last time at least, and had left my undies and such for last. I'd gone down stairs to the laundry room, spotted Jared sifting through my dirty clothes pile and watched as he lifted a pair of my panties and began rubbing himself off with them.""Oooh, dirty panties at that! Jared, you really are a dirty, naughty little boy aren't you?"Jared ignored Amy's comment, turning to more directly face his sister. " saw me?" "Hell yes! And I did more than that Little brother, I stood behind the water heater playing with myself while I watched you jerking off. When you squirted that nice creamy load into my panties, I came with you. Only you didn't know I was there, or that I had. By the time you'd placed them back in the pile, I'd slipped back upstairs to my bedroom where I used my vibrator to get off again with. what do you say to that?"Jared was excited and aroused beyond all reason now. "What I say is...I'd like to see what it's like to taste my sister's pussy. So s*s...what do you say to that?""Now that's something I'd like to see myself!" Amy said sitting up. "Though you wouldn't mind if I continued to play with you while you did would you?" she asked seductively.His natural horniness had finally gotten the better of him. Nervous no longer, Jared leaned over sucking one of Amy's nipples, releasing it only to capture one of his sister's nipples giving it an equally satisfying little suck. "Be my guest," he said a moment later, his cock throbbing anxiously even as Charlene climbed over him to sit on his face."Like this?" she asked hopefully."Any way you want it!" he told her.Amy sat to their side watching as Charlene slowly lowered her anxiously waiting pussy down onto Jared's face. She continued to fondle his massively hard prick driving him crazy in the process, perfectly positioned to also lick and tickle Charlene's breasts and nipples with her tongue."Oh god this is nice!" Charlene moaned pleasurably. "You sure you've never done this before L.B.?" she asked. "Never!" he stated thick-tongued as he continued to lap at the tiny little pearl of her sex, flicking it softly with the very tip of his tongue until Charlene couldn't stand it any longer."Oh god suck it Jared! Suck my clit honey! Make me cum!"Jared did exactly what his sister asked him to do. Taking her tiny little clit inside his mouth as fully as possible, he held it there, sucking it firmly until she exploded with a rapturous scream, moisture suddenly cascading sweetly into his mouth as he continued sucking until the sensitivity became simply too much for her to bear."Enough! Oh my God Enough!" she exclaimed rolling off and away from him."Well shit, if he's that good, especially his first time out, then I've got to try this myself!" Amy all but demanded.Jared was loving the attention, not to mention his ego taking a real boost, as the pleasure he'd given his sister had seemed genuinely real, and not some attempt at actually stroking his male self. Before Amy could reposition herself however, Charlene leaned over kissing her brother full on the lips, passionately, tenderly. They had never kissed like this before, though had come close once. But this time she allowed her tongue to dance with his, his passion reaching even greater heights while hers renewed in a flash-point spark of desire that hungrily consumed her. Finally they broke a part. Breathless, Jared simply stared into his sister's eyes. She smiled at him like she never had before."I really do love you Little brother," she told him. "And I have missed you.""Ok, enough with the mushy stuff!" Amy exclaimed breaking the sudden silence. "Time to feel Jared's tongue inside my pussy!" Both Charlene and Jared laughed."Climb aboard sweet-pea!" Jared told her. She did so, lowering her warm moist pussy onto his face where he began to hungrily devour the nectar that he found there. To his delight, he soon felt his sister's lips once again surrounding the stiffness of his cock, stroking him with her tongue, sucking lightly at the sensitive head of his prick until he began to worry about losing control far too quickly.He was on the verge of actually warning her when Charlene released his prick momentarily, giving him a brief reprieve. Able to now focus, concentrating on Amy's slick wet cunt, he went back to tongue-fucking her as she'd now asked him to do. Content to pleasure her, enjoying the feel and response of her arousal while he did. Moments later he again felt the feel of his sister's hand upon his penis. Expecting her to toy with him, and having regained some control, he looked forward to the further stimulation of his cock. Instead, he felt her begin to straddle him, though the feel of his sister's pussy slithering against his straining member did not engulf him. Like a pair of soft lips sucking the side of his shaft, she merely moved against him, the soft fur of her pussy caressing, teasing."Are you ok with this L.B.?" Charlene asked him."Ah huh," he barely managed, not thinking so much about the close proximity of his sister's pussy caressing his cock as the velvety sensation of it as she did."Only if you want to," she added. "It should be your decision Jared," she emphasized calling him by name. Charlene continued to rub herself up and down the length of his shaft, allowing the lips of her cunt to kiss him just as she had done with her mouth. The feeling was unlike any he had ever known before of course, and he'd all but forgotten the nether lips currently pressing against his face."You two want to be alone?" Amy broke in once again half serious by her tone of voice. Jared answered both questions by moving slightly, the head of his cock suddenly spearing the silky opening of his sister's quim. He felt the heat of her envelope him, felt her passage tighten briefly in surprise at the sudden intrusion, then welcome him fully as he slid deeply inside her. As his prick slid home, Jared latched on to Amy's clit drawing it fully into his mouth, matching the desire and lust of the sensation now bathing his shaft."Whatever the hell you're doing to him, keep doing it Charlene!" Amy yelled. "Oh my god that feels good!""Turn around Amy," Charlene told her. "Sit on L.B.'s face the other way so I can play with you too."Jared liked the sound of that, though only able to imagine what the two of them might do. Still, the feel of his sister's luscious pussy wrapped fully around his cock was about all his mind could currently handle at the moment. Additionally, he was grateful for her slow-going process, as he'd been dangling on the edge of ecstasy far longer than he felt capable of withstanding."How's it feel?" Amy asked."Nice," Charlene purred. "Just like I've always imagined it would." Once again Charlene's comments surprised him, and he spoke lifting his head away briefly from the soft furry mound covering his face."You've thought of us doing it?" he asked. Charlene let out a loud giggle."More times than you could ever begin to imagine Little brother! The times I spent playing with myself just thinking about it nearly drove me insane. Not to mention how I once actually kissed your cock when you were asleep.""You did?"Charlene laughed again. "Oh yeah, and I'd have done more than that if you hadn't started moaning and groaning in your sleep so loud. I was half afraid you'd wake Dad and Franchesca. Speaking of which, I spoke to mom about you're coming here to visit with me for a week. She was already planning on coming out here herself, she's anxious to see you again Jared, she really does miss you, you know.""Can we talk about this later s*s? I'm not really in the mood to get into a discussion about our mother at the moment, especially with my cock currently buried inside your pussy."Charlene once again laughed, but softly, understanding her brother's hesitation. It had been several years now since he'd even seen his mother ever since the divorce when she had left their father for another man."It is something we do need to discuss while she's here Jared. And there is more that you're going to learn about soon too.""Ok, ok...but not right now. It's a little difficult concentrating with what you've just told me, and the feel of your, your...""Pussy," she finished for him."Yeah, pussy...ah, ah,""Fucking your cock?""Yeah, that!"Charlene giggled."Seriously you two, if you'd like some time alone, I'll be more than happy to give it to you, but at least let me cum first ok?"Jared tickled her clit, reaching up to enjoy the added sensation of fondling her firm young breasts, enjoying the unseen thrill as his sister's hands joined his in caressing them. Charlene began to move a little more rapidly too. Moving side to side, grinding against him with smooth up and down motions that gradually began to increase as her own desire escalated beyond her ability to control."Oh yeah fuck him Charlene! Fuck him nice and hard. And suck me Jared! Suck my cunt baby, cause I'm about to cum!"Seconds later Amy exploded in exquisite bliss, thrashing from side to side, her head rolling back and forth as the deep-throated groan of pleasure continually rolled like thunder from her lips.It was too much. Jared's release soon joined Amy's, the pulse of his penis throbbing in perfect accompaniment of Amy's clenching pussy as the spasms continued. He felt his essence pour upwards into his sister's pussy, felt the welcome of it as she felt him begin spurting inside her, slamming down hard atop him, holding herself there briefly before rising up just enough to slam down hard on him again, ensuring the fullness of his length penetrated her as deeply as possible in perfect harmony with each eruption of his semen."Yes baby yes..." Charlene moaned softly, "Give it to me honey...give me all that beautiful delicious cream!"Long after they had all gloriously climaxed together again, though then Jared had enjoyed fucking Amy's pussy doggy-style while she in turn buried her face in Charlene's pussy, they had collapsed in a heap upon the bed where he now lay, both women snuggled within his arms gently caressing and stroking his now spent flaccid member. He fondled each of their breasts lazily, enjoying the softness of the moment in accompaniment with the tenderness of their flesh."So why is mother coming here anyway?" he asked casually. "You said she already had plans to do so before knowing I would be here yes?""Yes," Charlene admitted. "Just to see you then?""Not exactly.""What then?""Ah, remember I told you there was more?""Yeah? So?""I never told you how Amy and I hooked up as roommates did I?""No.""Well Jared, you see...Amy's last name is Davenport." Charlene allowed the realization of that to sink in for the moment."As in David Davenport? The guy who married our mother?""Yep!" Amy interjected. "Your mother is now my stepmother," Amy confessed. "So you see Little brother, in a way, we're sort of siblings ourselves now.""Oh my god! You've got to be k**ding me!" he said attempting to sit up. "You're my step-sister?""You might could say that," she said leaning over to kiss him, affectively disarming him momentarily before he had a chance to fully rise up. As she did, he felt the warm sweet lips of his sister's mouth once again engulfing him."You don't have a problem with that now do you Little brother?" Amy teased momentarily breaking their kiss.He had to admit, he didn't. Having just fucked his sister, and now his step-sister, Jared was finding he didn't have much of a problem with anything, including seeing his mother again after all these years."By the way, where's mother going to sleep anyway? There's not a whole lot of room in this place as it is.""Oh, she'll stay in your room for the two days," Charlene told him."Then where the hell am I going to sleep?" he asked curiously."Why, with us of course!" Amy said easily."Here? In this bed with the two of you?""Yep!" Charlene giggled."Don't you think mother might have a problem with the three of us in bed together?" he questioned."No...I'm fairly certain she won't.""Why's that?" he asked."Well L.B., that's the other little secret I never told you about," Charlene whispered in his ear as she began to gently stroke him back to a renewed firmness."What secret?" he asked bewilderedly."Later, I'll tell you all about that later," she giggled as she drew him deeply inside her mouth once again.Amy slid down to join her, where they began taking turns licking his erect penis."I think Cassandra's going to enjoy this," Amy spoke as she licked the head of Jared's cock with her tongue."Enjoy what?" Jared near shouted, once again attempting to sit up."Later Jared," Charlene said soothingly, pressing him back down against the bed. "We'll tell you the rest of it later," she said smiling around his cock as she looked up sharing a knowing grin with Amy.
04-06-2021, at 08:54 PM

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