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Why have one when you can have both

Post #1

It was a nice hot, summer day, I had been outside swimming for about the past hour and half. Finally i had decided to get out of the pool, and go completely naked, Considering, nobody was suppose to be home, and i need to get a little tan. I didnt think the neighbors would mind anyway. I had always been told i had a nice body. I was 5'4, 110 lbs, Not the darkest skin in the world, but not light. I was fairly tan, nice tit's, Kind of big for my body, but i got alot of attention with them, and i loved it. Most of the people, would just love to stare at my nice, 36dd's, when i was walking down the road. I didnt think i had that bad of an ass either, Wasnt huge, but wasnt that small. You could definetly tell it was round, no matter what i wore...
I loved the attention i got... From, Guys and Girls both.
Pretty soon, i hear a car pull in the drive, so i pull on my pink, thong bikini, back on, and jump back in the pool.. Next thing, i know, my bestfriend, Alyssa was over... by the pool, Asking me why i had put my clothes on so fast. I hadnt realized she had seen me laying by the pool naked.
Although, i must admit the fact that she knew that i was laying naked by the pool, kind of aroused me.
I had never been with a girl before.. I had been dared to kiss one. Went through with it. I had thought plenty about it, Usually when i was masturbating, I would think about a girl, how her warm mouth would feel licking my tight, sweet pussy. And the fact that i knew Alyssa was bi. Was such a turn on, Considering, she was standing right there, And i was kind of horny at the moment.
I had several times though about being with Alyssa. I mean she was beautiful. Blond hair, down to the middle of her back, these bright beautiful blue eyes. She was rather Tan, very dark... She was about 5'7, 120 lbs. Nice, i would say C cup.. Very nice ass, Long legs. I mean, she was just absolutely gouregous. Could have any guy she wanted. But what was thrilling me. Here she is. Getting ready to strip, and jump in the pool with me...
I watch her very carefully as she pulls off the pink tank top she had, revealing her beautiful breast. I mean, she might as well take that bra off to, it wasnt covering much. Which wasnt bothering me in the least bit.. She turns around, and takes off her shorts. She must realize shes teasing me, because she makes sure to shove her ass at me, as shes pulling her shorts down, Making me get really wet..
I smile at her, saying "Damn, Alyssa, You might as well just take the bra and panties off as well, Your not covering much up there."
She smiles, and so sweetly says "Only if you do it".
Shocked, by her reaction, I slowly take off my top.. As so does she. Revealing the most beautiful tits i have ever seen. I mean, Me an Alyssa had showered together, and changed infront of each other before.. But, I never really focused that much. She can tell i was loving it, with the reaction on my face im sure.. So slowly, she reached up, to pull down her thong.. I just held onto the edge of the pool, looking at her beautiful pussy. It was completely Shaved.. Made it look so sexy.
She jumps in the pull, swimming up behind me, gently cupping my breast in her hands, as she softly whispers in my ear "Your turn baby", as she reaches down, pulling the bottom of the bikini off.
Slowly turns me around, giving me the most sensual kiss i had ever had before, Her slowly massaging her tongue against mine. She slowly reaches around, Grabbing my ass, pulling my body closer to hers, our breast touching each others.
She stops kissing me, as she looks at my breast. "Amber Ive never actually seen tits like yours, They are amazing, i love them", she says.. just before she takes one of them into her mouth, gently sucking on it, nibbling on my nipple, as she slowly carresses the other one, not leaving me to do anything in the world but moan...
I slowly reach my arms around her body, take one hand down under her ass, i as i slide the other one, down the front, slowly, rubbing her swollen clit, as i slowly, rubb her pussy lips with my other hand.. I hear her moan loadly, as she is still sucking on my tits, moving back and forth, from one to the other.
I had never had this much pleasure going on with just my tits... I was so ready to cum, and im sure she could tell, Because almost immediatetly, she stop what she was doing, told me to get up and sit on the edge of the pool..
I did as i was told, and she i feel her slowly start lickin my clit, flickin it back and forth..soon, i feel her insert 2 fingers into my pussy, moving them around, pushing them so far inside of me, it was amazing.. I was so ready to cum, and just as i did, she put her mouth, completely over my pussy, so i came all over her mouth.
I layed back on the cement around the pool, closing my eyes for a moment.. She was still licking my pussy, I could tell she loved the way the pussy tasted, it was like she couldnt get enough of it... I wasnt at all complaining.... Until suddenly i opened my eyes, and i could see someone staring at us..
He was a really cute guy.. Probably 17 or 18. The same age as me and Alyssa. He was.. About 6'2.. Blondish brownish Curly hair.. Blue eyes.. Damn nice body.. ..He had his pants pulled down, I mean, he was grabbing his nice 8 1/2" dick.. Rubbing it slowly.. I loved the fact that he was so turned on by what me and Alyssa were.. although it scared me, i jumped.. So Alyssa looks up at me. Confused.
"What, What happened? Did i hurt you?" she asks concerned.
smiling softly i answer "no, look over there.. Hes been watching us for a while now. Just scared me. Sorry baby."
sweetly she smiled at him, i knew exactly what she was thinking. As she said "Your so horny, why dont you come over here and help us?"
He came over without a second thought. He was immediatly over at us..
Alyssa climbed out of the pool for a moment.. As she looks at him. "Well your over here now, do something!"
He goes.."well uhh. My name is Brady, and ive been watching you two for a while now. And ive been hoping you would invite me over."
She looks at him Strictly, "im Alyssa this is Amber, now get to work.
I laugh, i love the way Alyssa gets when she wants something.. Slowl, i crawl between her legs...
Slowly, stickin my ass up in the air, as i slowly start running my fingers over her pussy, down by her ass, teasing her completely, I slowly stick two fingers in her sweet little love hole, as i bring them out, and slowly suck on them, tasting her wonderful juices.. I couldnt take it anymore, i had to know exactly what she tasted like. I got down, and slowly kissed her clit. Moving my hand deeper inside of her.. I took them out, so that i could lick her pussy lips.. I slowly insert my tongue inside of her, pushing it way inside of her, slowly moving my tongue from side to side, up and doing, doing sweet little circles, as i hear her moan, i keep licking her, knowing she will cum soon. When softly, i feel to warm hands on my hips. Scares me for a moment, then i realize i had totally blocked out Brady, I felt him rub his cock against my clit. Teasin me like Crazy, I keep licking Alyssa's sweet cunt, as i slowly start flickin her clit again, as insert two fingers inside of her, again, pushing them deep inside of her. Exactly what i was watiing for Brady to do to me...
When suddenly, i feel him slide his cock, deep inside of me. Very slowly at first, slowly speeding up.. I done the same exact thing, the way he was doing, with me, as i done to Alyssa. She wasnt complaingin a bit. She was moaning like crazy. I loved it when she yelled out my name.. Brady himself seemed to be enjoying it. The way he speed up. Thrusting his dick, so deep inside of me. I was almost ready to climax..When i felt Alyssa's body tighten up.. Which i knew what that meant.. she was ready to cum, I slowly placed my mouth, over her sweet pussy lips.. Ready to taste her cum..Just as she did, i loved the way her cum tasted in my mouth. There was so much, i knew the way she cummed, i was so ready to.. Just as brady reached down and grabbed my breast gently, i couldnt take it anymore. I came, all over his dick.. It running down my legs.. It felt amazing.. I had just came, And he was Cumming now.. And here Alina had just came all over my mouth. I loved it... I had never felt so sexy, and loved in my life before. I mean, i had to completely sexy gourgeous people right here.. And i had just made them both cum. And they had made me cum. Little did i know, This was the start of a beautiful lil love triangle.
06-02-2021, at 11:43 PM

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