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One Day

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One DayWife was away for a few days with friends. Next door neighbour popped in for a chat. As normal. Just that my wife was away. I offered her a coffee which she accepted. We want into the garden to drink the coffee, have a chat and observe social distancing. I've always lusted after her. Small pert tits. Round bum. Flat stomach and a very cute gap between her legs. I'm just wee and cuddly with a good sense of humour. Anyway one coffee became 3 which then became a beer and a gin and tonic or 3. We chatted and the subject soon got onto sex. What I liked and what she liked. We discovered we had a few things in common. We both said our respective partners, while booth good, were a couple of prudes. We joked about ditching them and marrying each other. We both knew that we were both just joking however, she said there maybe another way. I asked how? Lets go inside she said.We both went into the kitchen, ladies first. I followed. I had no sooner closed the door when I heard rustling behind me. I knew what it was. Turning round there she was. Naked. Hands on hips legs apart with a bald pussy smiling at me lovely pert tits with big pointy nipples. I was naked half a second later. We both just held ench others hand and looked at each other. Looked up and down. She reached down and stroked my cock. It bounced. We laughed. "C'mon" she said and we went trhough to the bathroom. I switched on the shower as we started to massage, feel, rub, finger and stroke each other. Then we kissed. Long deep and hard. She finger fucked herself with her fingers and slipping them into my mouth for me to taste and lick. I then did the same with my fingers. We were just having fun finger fucking her nd eating her pussy juices. After about 15 minutes or so she stepped into the nice warm shower. I followed. We both washed and soaped each other. She licked and sucked my clean cock. I licked and suckled her nipples. I helped her to stand on the side of the bath. Her wet cunt was now at mouth level. I licked her pussy. Nibbling her pussy lips and sucking on her clit. Very tasty. Then she pissed on me. Slowly at first. Just a dribble but soon became a gush. No warning no nothing. Sexy. I drank what I could. As she finished I kissed and sucked her clit. She was moaning and trying to push my head up her wet cunt mmmmmm. I helped her down back tomy level and asked if she had cum. "Nearly" she said and smiled. "Your turn" she said. I took her place on the side of the bath and she had my cock in her mouth in a flash. Licking and sucking my cock. Nibbling my shaft. Standing back but still holding my hot hard throbbing cock I started to pee. Hard with a hard on. I pee'd straight up but she steeped into the stream. She guided my stream all over her. Her haid and her head. Her tits and nipples and in her mouth. She was loving it.Once were back level with each other we were all over each other hand fingers and tongues everywhere. We were both nice and clean after our shower. We went through to bedroom where she pulled me down on top of her. My cock just fell inside and p her wet cunt. It throbbed. She said, "Oh fuck me. Fuck me till it hard." Difficult as I don't have a big huge cock lol. I fucked for all I was worth. She came. Was hard trying to keep her on the bed. I came. I carried on fucking her. She came again. I kept trying to fuck her but my cock started to droop. Not to worry. She jumped on me in 69 and sucked on my cock greedily licking and eating our cums from my limp cock. Was still nice though. I licked her pussy and ate our cums from her. I love cum. I ate and ate. My cock grew hard. She was clean but still wet. She then sat on my cock and rode me like a fucking horse. I came and she came again. We lay kissing and cuddling both of breathing hard. We lay cuddled up and cosy and drifted off to sleep. We both woke later that afternoon. Went through to the bathroom. She sat me down on the loo seat and sucked me off into her mouth. We kissed long deep and hard swapping my cum back and forth between us. We swapped places and I liked her out while she played with her clit. I ate as much of her cum as I could. We both pee'd. Best pee is after sex pee. I love pee mmmmmmm .For now we stand at a window from our respective homes and watch each wank and jerk. We Skype each other. Whenever we can we will fuck each other. She has confessed to me that she'd love to introduce another into our wee secret. A women. She says she may have some one but will let me know more in the next few days.2 days later she said over skype that she'd found a women who'd be happy to join us. The women had seen my pics and liked what she saw. I've not seen the pics yet. That I'm afraid may have to be a story for another day lol.
06-02-2021, at 10:58 PM

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